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Charles Chaney
BCTG Sports Editor

It’s a little late, but we’re finally able to bring you the 2022 All-Butler County boys ‘and girls’ basketball team.

This year it was tougher than usual. We had so many improved teams and players who deserved to be on either the first or second team who ended up on the honorable mention. We also had a tough debate about this year’s player for boys and coach of the year. In the end, we made the difficult decision of both.

A reminder: this is not a league selection made by the coaches. This is not a consensus poll in the media. This was chosen by me, the sports editor of the Butler County Times-Gazette, as impartially as I could possibly be. I saw each team at least once in person. I watched each team, either in person or on video at least five times. That means many late nights where you watch streams of games. Thank God for the ability to fast forward.

Some criteria if you are interested. Clearly, the player’s ability. Statistics did not come into play as much as you might think. There is an old saying “statistics lie, but the ball does not lie.” If a child can brace, he can brace. I did my best to put those I thought were the best players, in their positions, regardless of classification or year. I do not choose two guards, two attackers and one center. These are just the top five seasons for the first team and then the rest and so on.

Honorable mention is either one the coach has recommended or I feel deserves a place. If you are a coach who does not respond to emails or just forgot because after all you are teachers first and it takes a lot of time, I made sure every school is represented.

If you have any questions, concerns, or if you just want to beat my choices, please tweet me (@ChuckChaneyBCTG) or email me (cchaney@butlercountytimesgazette.com).

Girl player of the year

Brittany Harshaw, Andover Central

Brittany Harshaw has won the award as player of the year two of her three years at Andover Central. PHOTO: Steve Adelson

Brittany Harshaw’s legacy at Andover Central was cemented well before this season. She walks down the halls of one of the best players to ever reach Central High, girls or boys.

With people like Tiffany Bias and Jaylyn Agnew, she also goes down as one of the best high school players in the history of the city of Andover.

All that said and nearly 1,600 points later, Harshaw is a 2-time Butler County Player of the Year. While she could easily have made it a 4-double player of the year last year, but Jaden Newfarmer took it as one of the senior leaders, she was the leader this season for the Jaguars.

76 career wins and a commitment to the University of Creighton for next season, a team that just reached Elite 8 in the NCAA Women’s National Tournament. She will be an immediate effect for the Bluejays.

This season, the Harshaw Jaguars led the scoring, averaging 18.3 points per game on 50 percent shooting from the floor. She also averaged 6.5 rebounds and 2.6 steals per game. fight for the Jaguars.

She can take defenders from the dribble, hit the controversial 3 and make her free throws. She is a do-it-all player who has changed the way Andover Central played basketball over the last few years. Harshaw’s presence on the basketball court forced defenses against who should be them that unique evening. If you wanted to cheat and double her, it was a cast of several girls who could turn from anywhere on the court. So, if you would try to get Harshaw to beat you, she did, and she would make you regret it in the process.

Although there are many wonderful choices for players of the year and first team selection, it was an easy matter to pick Harshaw as the girls player of the year.

Harshaw was named first team all-state by several publications and was named AVCTL Division II Player of the Year over Salina Central’s Aubrie Kierscht.

Former Player of the Year

2019-20: Brittany Harshaw, Andover Central
2020-21: Jaden Newfarmer, Andover Central

Coach of the year

Kristen Wiebe, Berean Academy

Berean Academy’s head coach, Kristen Wiebe, is this year’s 2021-2022 girls Butler County basketball coach. PHOTO: Charles Chaney

Wiebe led the Warriors to a 23-3 record this season, finishing fourth in the Class 2A State Basketball Tournament. They were ranked No. 2 after defending and final state champion, Sterling for most of the season. Two of their losses were to Sterling with a total of 12 points. Their second loss was in third place to the Smith Center.

When it looked like the Warriors were done in their opening game, she helped orchestrate a comeback against Valley Heights in the quarterfinals.

While Stana Jefferson has been the back-to-back Coach of the Year winner, it is Wiebe’s team that pushed her over the top. They were consistently one of the best teams in Class 2A, and many feel that if they had gotten Sterling, they would have been champions.

She had her team balanced, forcing the teams to find where to go and defend themselves there, hoping the players would not show up at the moment. More often than not this season, Berean took up the challenge.

The thing with Berean Academy is that they return so much talent from this year’s team that they should be a strong candidate to come back to Manhattan and fight for a 2A crown with Sterling.

Former coach of the year

2019-20: Stana Jefferson, Andover Central
2020-21: Stana Jefferson, Andover Central

Get to know the first team

Outside of Harshaw, which is Player of the Year, there are four other players named to the All-County first team.

Remington’s Kaleigh O’Brien averaged 17 points, eight rebounds and four steals for the Broncos. She was a do-it-all-type player as couples put points in droves. Following the switch from Halstead, O’Brien has made an immediate impact on the program, helping them reach the sub-state finals, where they lost to a possible rival across counties, Berean. With her honorable mention for the 2A all-state, she should be one of the best players returning in Class 2A.

Fort Hays State commits, Ellie Stearns is a sharp-witted, intelligent player who helped the Jaguars reach the Class 5A semifinals. She has grown tremendously over the last few seasons for Fighting Jeffersons. Her 12.8 points per. match was combined with her 2.3 steals and 3.0 assists per. match.

Sophomore Brooke Walker is the youngest player to be named to the first team list. If it were not for Harshaw, she could have been Player of the Year. She can score, she can play defense and she can split the ball. She measures interest from Big 12 teams and should be one of the best recruits in 2024. Her 18.5 points per game. match ranked her as number 18 in the state in terms of scoring, regardless of class. She led Andover in scores (18.5), rebounds (5.8), assists (2.7) and steals (6.1) per.

Lilly Veer is a really smart junior who has helped captivate a return to the glory of Berean. Although she may not have scored all the points like others on the first team, she was able to defend herself until the light went out. Her 7.3 points and 4.4 rebounds per game led her team, respectively. Wine was crucial in the second-half comeback in the Class 2A state tournament for the Warriors. She had 11 points in the second half as they battled back from 14 points at the break. Berean would be number four in 2A.

First team All-Butler County

Player, school, year ………………………… .. PPG… RPG… APG / SPG
Brittany Harshaw, Andover Central, Senior …… 18.3 …… 6.5 ……. 3.5
Kaleigh O’Brien, Remington, Junior ……………… 17.0 ……. 8.0 ……. 4.0 (steals)
Ellie Stearns, Andover Central, Senior …………… 12.8 ……. 5.2 ……. 3.0
Brooke Walker, Andover, Sophomore …………………. 18.5 ……. 5.8 ……. 6.1 (Steal)
Lillie Veer, Berean Academy, Junior ……………… .. 7.3 ……. 4.4 1,0 .. 1.0

Second team All-Butler County

Player, school, year …………………………. PPG… RPG… APG / SPG / BLK
Maddie Amekporfor, Andover Central, Junior. 10.0… .. 4.3 ……. 3.1
Sydney Scott, Augusta, Senior ……………………… 9.0 ……. 3.9 ……. 2.0 (blocks)
Kya Thornton, Circle, Sophomore ………………… 8.5 ……. 3.5 ……. 2.3
Sally Wine, Berean Academy, Senior ………………. 8.4 ……. 6.0 ……. 2.0
Giant Witty, Bluestem, Junior ……………………… 7.4 ……. 8.2 ……. 4.3 (blocks)

Honorable Mention All-Butler County

Mariah Barkus, Douglass; Riggen Carney, Flinthills; Paige Corter, Flinthills Lauren Donner, Bluestem; Brooke Eby, Andover; Kylie Forney, Andover; Victoria George, El Dorado; Becca Hajdukovich, Douglass; Lily Hilgenfeld, Remington; Erin Johnson, Circle; Brooklyn Short, Bluestem; Jessa Lee, Rose Hill; Ella Puckett, Augusta; Kellyn Rogers, Andover Central; Jaelyn Sheffler, El Dorado; Alena Shetlar, Andover; Tayton Smith, Berean Academy; Allie Timberlake, Augusta; Ameyla Vance, Andover; Emily Wedel, Remington; Brayden Wheatley, Andover Central, Adie White, Circle

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