How To Make Money From Online Without Investment

Profiting from the Internet without capital is one of the topics that many young are looking for lately. Because you are one of those young people who are looking for this term specifically, it means that you know the concept of profiting from the Internet. You know what it is like to have any business that may need capital, in some cases, but you are specifically looking for ways to profit from the Internet without capital!

Fortunately, there are ways to make money on the Internet without capital that are legal and legitimate. Anyone with a computer connected to the Internet can get started with them and already make good profits that will free you from any other business.

In this article, I am sharing with you six ways you can generate profits through the Internet without capital, and each of the methods I will show you contains many sub-methods.

So, you can view all six methods as industries or paths through which you can profit from the capital-free Internet through many different scenarios, at least one of which I am sure will be very appropriate for you and your specific situation.

And now, let’s get started.

1- Create a free blog and profit from it


In this way of profiting from the Internet without capital, you create a free blog, publish articles on this blog, and then attract visitors and make a profit through it.

Who can benefit from creating a free blog?
For example, if you have a love and passion for the field of programming, and you are constantly reading about it, and trying to learn it, then there you have an article that you can share with others who have a love and passion for programming.

Of course, writing an article for a website takes more than knowledge of a topic. Articles on the web have a particular nature and differ from the randomness of the narrative of any topic. But you can learn all this by following famous bloggers in the field you will have to specialize in.

And, of course, you can read the writing of a professional, as it is correctly formatted and structured.

How to create a free blog at no cost
Many tools allow you to create a free blog easily and at no cost. The most important of these tools are the following:

Create a free blog from a blogger

Create a free blog through WordPress
There are other tools, of course, but the two above are the most famous and the best, and if you only want one option, I recommend the first one (blogger) because blogger is the only blog where Google AdSense allows you to place your ads.

How to earn money with a free blog

There are many ways to earn with blogs. Among the main ones are:

Profit from Google AdSense: (by subscribing to the company, which will provide you with the ads placed on the blog and the result of each click made on these ads).
Profit from affiliate marketing: (by finding products or services related to the blog’s content and sharing with readers the purchase links, and by buying through these links, you get a commission).
There are other ways, but we will limit ourselves to one of these two methods.

What practical steps can you take to make a blog and profit from it?

  1. Define an area around which the content of the blog revolves.
    There are many examples of Arab websites and blogs that write about everything and nothing, but I do not recommend following this method here because you will not be able to compete in everything with a free blog.

In this case, the best way to get results is by specializing in a particular field, or a sub-specialty, of a specific field. There are many areas you can blog about, such as blogging about recipes, blogging about programming, or even blogging about pets.

The important thing here is to have:

Passion and love for exploring this area of your blog. You are a specialist.
Accumulation of knowledge, working on its constant development.

  1. Creating a blog from a technical point of view
    You can easily create a free blog on Blogger with a Google account. Just choose the name of the blog and its sublinks, choose one of the featured blogger templates and start customizing the template according to the purpose of your blog.

It is worth noting that there are many educational resources online and on YouTube, through which you can get explanations for everything you want about blogging and how to approach it.

  1. Constantly feed your blog with new content
    Content is king; a short, old, but correct phrase in which lies the secret of success in blogging, and here in simple points, the essential factors that make your blog content accurate:

In-depth content with new and different details.
Content that offers real value to the reader.

SEO sensitive content.

Content that is unique and not duplicated or translated.
Content results from understanding and accumulating knowledge about the topics you are discussing.

  1. Start making money from your blog
    We have already talked about this point, and here I recommend that you don’t focus too much on the idea of making money with the blog at the beginning, but put all your energy, effort, thought, and time into developing the blog and working to provide it with new content all the time.

Once the blog starts attracting thousands of visitors, you will see that the avenues to earn money from it has opened up for you, and you have to take the path that suits you best to take advantage of it.

2- Freelancing and providing paid services to employers


Working as a freelancer and providing paid services to contractors

In this way of profiting from the Internet without capital, you can exploit your skills or even learn a new skill and provide services to others for a fee based on your skills.

For example, you have expertise in the field of digital marketing, specifically social media marketing. A new restaurant owner is looking for a marketing manager to manage his restaurant’s social media pages… here you agree between your specific tasks to be performed in social media management for a weekly or monthly fee or based on achievements.

This field of exploiting the Internet without capital is called the freelance field, a broad field with many paths, specificities, and sub-specialties.

It is mainly based on the idea of contracting or irregular employment. You can do something, and I am looking for a freelancer to do that for me. An agreement is made between us, so you do what is needed, and I pay you according to our agreement.

What are the tasks in which I can provide services (areas of self-employment)?
First of all, you must understand that self-employment is a significant and old idea. It is older than the existence of the Internet, as well as any qualified person in the field (air conditioning technician, construction worker, carpenter, repair of electrical appliances, a technician works in the field of self-employment.

But here, we refer to online self-employment in particular, which is related to new fields that are carried out remotely, or via the Internet.

These are the most critical areas of online self-employment:

  1. programming field: this is everything related to the design and development of websites, mobile applications, software, and electronic systems development. This field is one of the largest, most demanded, and branched fields.
  2. The field of graphic design: is related to the visual universe represented, from designs to images, logos, infographics, advertising, and nothing else. This domain also has many subdomains.
  3. The video domain: it is very similar to the graphic design domain, but it is related to the world of video preparation, filming, editing, presentation preparation, music… etc.

How can I contact clients to offer my services and get money?

There are many known methods in the freelance field which freelancers follow to get a job. The main ones are:

  1. freelance sites are intermediary platforms that provide a forum for freelancers and those who want to perform tasks (contractors), offer the possibility to create an account for freelancers to showcase their skills and provide search tools for contractors to choose from among these freelancers.
  2. LinkedIn is a social media platform like Facebook, but it is a professional platform explicitly created for communication for convenience and functionality.

So there, you will find employers and contractors looking for your skills and fellow designers, programmers, content writers, and translators.

In addition to the above two methods, you will also find private groups on Facebook, specialized in your field, through which you can communicate with potential clients. You can also search the Internet for potential clients and communicate directly with them by email.

What can I do to enter the field of self-employment in an organized and practical way?

  1. Select the field that suits you: what are the things you like to do, do you have special skills for them or do you have knowledge and information about them, and what skills are always mentioned by those close to you as your particular tasks?

If you are already working in the real world of work, there are always shortcuts to turn your real-world business into self-employment. For example, if you are an accountant, you can provide accounting and advisory services to founders of self-employed companies.

  1. Learn and develop: The great thing about self-employment is that learning resources are available to everyone, and many are free. If you can spare 3 hours a day for 3-6 months to learn a field, you will certainly get to a stage where you can get a job.

Here is a simplified learning plan:

Follow the most popular blogs in the field you want to learn, and read at least a couple of articles every day (it won’t take you more than half an hour).
Follow the most popular YouTube channel in your field, and watch a video between a quarter and half an hour long.
Spend an hour a day studying vocational training in the field you want to learn.
Set aside an hour to apply what you have learned during the day.

  1. Apply what you learn firsthand: you can apply what you learn through special projects or volunteer at one of the institutions for free. The important thing here is that you cannot neglect practice because information gathering is one thing, and experience is another.
  2. Set up your accounts as a freelancer: your accounts here include your accounts on social networks and independent platforms, and you can make a blog or a simple site to express yourself as a freelancer.
  3. Start entering the market: after doing the last four steps correctly and thoroughly, you can enter the freelance market in search of your first freelance job.
  4. Never despair: I’m not going to promise you that the freelance market will open its arms to you from the first try, but I promise you that your persistence will get you a place in this world, don’t forget to keep learning and improving your skills.

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3- Profiting from the Internet without capital through social networks


From social networks, the Internet for many people, internet users, the first thing someone does when they have a smartphone is to create accounts on social network platforms. This is a genuinely limitless creation and profit possibility for millions worldwide.

In this way, you will be one of the most intelligent people who do not settle for the role of consuming content on social, but you will be a content creator, and you will have hundreds of thousands of followers who will bring you excellent profits every month.

How the method of earning from social media works

In general, the idea of profiting from the Internet is based on the accessibility of a large number of users, marketing something to those users, and making a profit through them.

And that is precisely what happens in social media profit, you make content on social media and attract followers, and then you can pass on any marketing message and generate a profit in a certain way according to your strategy.

Content can be:

Textual content: writing short articles that explain an idea or present information.
Visual content: whether a photo, a video, or a short video.
Example 1: Abeer is a girl in her twenties. She is passionate about the world of cooking and is constantly experimenting with many recipes, so she has become an expert in cooking.

She makes an account on TikTok and starts sharing her recipes, and because she offers something unique, she attracts hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views and starts reaping the benefits.

Example 2: Yousef is a young man who loves the world of technology. More specifically, he loves the world of hardware. He is always passionate about knowing the best technical equipment on the market and the price and features, so if you want to buy a monitor card for your computer, the best guide you can use is Yousef, who you follow on Facebook.

From time to time, Yusuf shares his affiliate links for the products his followers want. On the one hand, he helps followers to choose the best products at the best price, and on the other hand, he earns a commission for every purchase made through him, and he earns social media through affiliate marketing.

How can I benefit from social media?

In general, we can classify the methods of profiting from social media into the following:

A) profit from social media directly: in this case, the social media platform is the one that will pay you money directly, and most of the time, it will be by displaying ads on the content you post.

An excellent example of this method is earning with YouTube by making videos, participating in the YouTube Partner Programme, and earning by running ads on the video.

Yes, YouTube is one of the social media platforms.

B) Indirect profit on social media: simply put, you will exploit your followers on social media to market something and make a profit through a third party (such as an affiliate business, marketing for a brand, or even selling your product).

Interestingly, all ways of profiting from the Internet can fall under this classification, and here are the most critical ways to profit from social media indirectly:

  • E-commerce
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Providing consultations
  • Sales courses
  • Contracting and brand marketing
  • The bottom line here: you have an audience that allows you to directly make profits in your favor in any way possible, but of course, the method must be legitimate, legal, and not deceptive. That’s if you want to succeed in the long run.

What are the concrete steps I can take to earn from social media

  1. Select the area of content in which you want to attract followers: this point depends significantly on your success, so if you want my advice, you should choose an area that you have a real passion for, and you should know that you are always looking to grow.
  2. Select the platform or platforms through which you are going to work: each social media platform has a particular nature and, therefore, unique content that suits it, but with some simple modifications, you can use the same content on several platforms.

The important thing here is to have a clear plan and vision, and, in this regard, let me tell you that one Instagram success has more than ten accounts on different platforms, but they are failing, and no one is following them.

  1. Select the type of content you want to publish. There is no doubt that video is the most successful type of content. Still, it all depends on the nature of the platforms through which you are going to work. Also, using different types of content will be suitable for the audience that always wants to change and does not like stereotypes.
  2. Determine the profit method you want to use. If you want to work professionally, you have to define your profitable strategy from the beginning, allowing you to choose the type of content and the tone you will be able to address to your audience.

In any case, you can always modify your profitable strategy or rely on more than one way to take advantage of social media.

  1. Start making profits, but beware of the pitfalls: continuing to succeed is more complex than succeeding, so you must always work hard, consistently and consistently, and take your work seriously as you can count on a fundamental source of income in your life, and you can even make a fortune through it.

Here are some pitfalls that you need to be careful with how you work the social media influencer:

A) the end of ideas: we have all noticed the emergence of many quick successes on social media, which are followed by a complete disappearance, often due to the lack of a long-term plan for content ideas.

B) Drifting after profit at the expense of credibility: one way to take advantage of famous social media is to do content marketing for brands. For example, specialize in cooking. You will probably find restaurants contacting you to make you a video to try the cuisine offered by that restaurant to market to your audience.

Here you must choose your customers carefully and never settle for marketing is something that affects your credibility with your audience to make money fast. You are destroying your business with this act.

C) Productivity gains and knowledge development: this problem occurs when the social one, the influence, pays attention to producing more content at the expense of preparing this content so that the content begins to offer the most negligible value and has a repetition of ideas, and here are followers to start looking for another, more innovative, source.

4. The advantages of selling digital products


In this way of profiting from the Internet without capital, you will make a digital product and sell it over the Internet. This digital product can be a book, course, or WordPress template.

This method is similar to freelancing, but instead of renting your skills to clients through freelancing, you will build an asset based on your skills and sell it to clients without additional work.

What products can I sell online?

There are many types of digital products that you can create and sell thousands of times over the Internet, and one of the most famous forms of these products:

E-books: choose one of the topics you are very interested in and have a lot of accumulated knowledge about, research thoroughly to hone and develop your knowledge, and then start writing the book and offer it for sale on one of the book-selling platforms, such as Amazon.

Courses, seminars, and workshops: the idea of doing an online course may seem too difficult for many, but with simple possibilities, you can start a simple course for, say, $10 (imagine you’ve sold a thousand times).

There are also seminars and group discussions that you can run through one of the specialized programs like Zoom, and you can do this every week for a subscription fee of, say, $5.

WordPress templates: If you are good at programming and have experience in WordPress development, you can easily create your template and start selling it to those interested in creating websites or blogs on the Internet.

Software, apps, and websites: for example, you can make accounting software and sell it to shop owners, or you can make simple apps that cater to a specific audience and start selling them.

There are many more ideas for digital products, which you can learn about and monetize in detail in the article What are digital products (their types – how to monetize them).

Where can I sell digital products?

There are two main ways to sell digital products:

1. Selling directly through you: this can be done through your relationships and marketing channels (such as your social media accounts).

2. Selling through technological platforms: electronic platforms specialize in selling each type of digital product. For example there are:

Amazon Bookstore.

Envato platform for the sale of WordPress templates and ready-made templates.

Flip website for selling websites.

Of course, there are more and more other platforms you can look for depending on the type of your digital product.

Finally, I highly recommend you read the digital product guide mentioned above.

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6. Profiting from the Internet without capital by launching a podcast

Podcasts are one of the types of content whose star has shone brightly in recent times and has become the favorite content of hundreds of millions of users worldwide. And in Arab countries, for example, in Saudi Arabia, podcasts are consumed madly.

If you are passionate and interested in a particular topic, and you always talk in front of your friends about that topic with tactful and tidy phrases, this way of earning Internet without capital is the right one for you.

What can your podcast content offer?

Simply put, anything you have knowledge and passion about can be material for successful podcast content. Still, we will tell you that certain types of content become more listenable.

  • The self-developing podcast.
  • The business and entrepreneurship podcast.
  •  A podcast to discuss social issues.
  • The psychological counseling podcast.
  • Podcast stories.

What are the ways to earn podcasts?

There are many ways to earn podcasts. Here are the most famous ones:

Receiving donations from followers: This is one of the most popular ways to earn podcasts and is done by placing a donation button through PayPal or Patreon.

Making paid episodes: You can make your podcast accessible, but you can make special episodes that can only be accessed by subscribing to a paid account.

Corporate and brand marketing: A podcast is like a radio show; this show can be interspersed with advertising for brand owners.

What are the practical steps I can take to start a successful podcast?


1. Choose a specific area to talk about with your podcast: of course, you know what I’m going to say by now. Yes, choose a place where you have a passion and accumulated knowledge.

2. Choose a way to present your podcast: there are many ways and strategies you can rely on to present your podcast. The most important ones are:

Interview podcasts: in each episode, you interview a celebrity in the field you are talking about.

Personal podcasts: where you talk about the topics covered in the episodes.

Podcast discussions: where you use a partner podcast, and the episodes are an exchange of discussions between you.

3. Choose the platform or platforms on which you will make the program.

The most important of these platforms are:



Podbean platform.

4. Hardware and tools: in terms of tools, it comes down to a smartphone, and Mike is suitable for recording sounds with clarity. And in the tools, you will need an editing program specializing in acoustic.

There are many editing programs you can rely on, and many of them are entirely free.

5. Start recording and producing content: here, you can publish episodes on Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts or both, and there are other platforms where you can showcase your podcast.

Finally, I highly recommend you check out our previous article, “How to start a podcast (from scratch to podcast launch).”


Earning from the Internet without capital is a possibility that is offered to everyone. Because of the variety of methods, you will find one of the ways that suit you, or you can put in the effort to learn and train yourself until you become skilled with one of these methods.

But remember that the profits from the Internet without capital will require twice as much effort and time because here, you will depend on your effort and time in every step you take.

But of course, if you have a financial surplus, you can speed up the steps. For example, you can count on a freelancer to edit your podcast instead of doing it yourself.

Anyway, my friend, I wish you all the best, and I hope my article has been a good use of your precious time.

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