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5 Scholarships For International Students In Canada

SCHOLARSHIP TO STUDY IN CANADA, Scholarships For International Students In Canada


Canada offers international students the chance to apply for a scholarship. We have listed the top six – your choice.

The University of Toronto’s Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship Programme

International Scholarship is awarded each year to 37 international students the University of Toronto. This scholarship recognizes outstanding academic and creative achievements and school and community leaders.

What is it covered? The scholarship covers four years of tuition, living expenses, textbooks, and any other expenses.

It is open to all. The scholarship is open to international students who are citizens of any country and who enroll in undergraduate programs at the University of Toronto.

How do I apply? The application process is three steps. First, the school should offer you a scholarship. Second, notify us about the university up to November 30 each year. The second step is to apply for one of the undergraduate programs from December 15 to After that January 17.

Four scholarships are available to international students at the University of British Columbia

University of British Columbia Every year, the university allocates more than 10 million Canadian dollars (approximately $700,000) to scholarships, grants, and other financial support for outstanding students around the globe.

Each year, the university offers approximately 50 scholarships in four programs to international studentsKaren McKellin International Leader of Tomorrow Award is merit-based and given to outstanding students who have demonstrated leadership skills and academic achievements. Donald A. Wehrung International Students Award is need-based, and it helps students from war-affected and poor regions.

The International Impact Award is awarded to students who work on issues such as social justice, climate change, and inclusion. Students with exceptional academic achievements are eligible to receive the Vantage One Excellence Award.

What is the scholarship? The scholarship amount depends on the program. In some cases, it covers all costs of training and accommodation.

It is possible for anyone to get it. International students are citizens from any country who enroll in undergraduate programs within two years of graduation. This must be your first degree from a university. You must achieve a grade of A in all subjects on your certificate. You must fulfill all conditions to be admitted to the university, including the English language requirements.

How do I apply? Select your curriculum first and then apply. To be eligible for the scholarship competition, your school or nonprofit organization must nominate you. Attach a letter of recommendation with the application. Attach documents about your financial situation if necessary. You can then apply for a scholarship through the university’s website.

You cannot choose a scholarship program. The admissions committee will determine which one is right for you.

The deadline to apply for a scholarship or study program is December 1. All documents must be submitted by February 1. The results of the scholarship competition will be announced in March-April.

York University, Ontario: Global Leader of Tomorrow and International Entrance Scholars of Distinction


York University offers scholarships for international students enrolled in undergraduate programs. Two of these scholarships are under the Global Leader of Tomorrow program, and two others are under the International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction.

What is it covered? Global Leader of Tomorrow fellows will be awarded $ 80,000, $ 20,000 per academic year for the four-year program. The International Entrance Scholarship of Distinction program offers even greater generosity — applicants who are successful receive $ 140,000 ($35,000 annually). Students must demonstrate outstanding academic performance to be eligible for the scholarship.

It is open to anyone who wants it. The scholarship is open to international students who are enrolled in selected bachelor’s degree programs within two years of graduation and receiving their first degree.

Excellent grades are required for all subjects. Students should also demonstrate leadership skills through community service or exceptional achievement in arts, sports, or other areas.

How do I apply? You must be nominated by your school to receive a scholarship. The application must include the contact information of the person who can confirm this. One letter of recommendation will be required. Apply for a scholarship or study program on the university’s website prior to February 1 each year.

International Entrance Scholarship at the University of Calgary

The University of Calgary gives two International Entrance Scholarships to undergraduate students who begin their fall semester studies every year. Candidates’ academic achievements are not the only thing that is considered. Success in extracurricular activities is also taken into consideration.

What is it covering? The scholarship costs $ 15,000 each year. It is renewable for any number of years, as long as the student’s semester GPA is not below 2.60 on the university scale. The scholarship is worth $60,000.

It is open to anyone who wants it. International students from any country can apply for the scholarship.

Prospective fellows should have a minimum 3.20 GPA on the university scale. The educational institution will also require that they meet the English Language Proficiency requirements.

Kak podat’ zaiavku? Snachala tebe nuzhno podat’ zaiavku na vybrannuiu programmu bakalavriata. Rannii dedlain dlia programm, nachinaiushchikhsia osen’iu, — 15 dekabria kazhdogo goda, standartnyi — 1 marta. Zaiavka na stipendiiu podaetsia sledom cherez sait universiteta. Obrati vnimanie, chto dedlain podachi dokumentov na stipendiiu nastupaet ran’she, chem zakryvaetsia priem dokumentov na obuchenie, — 1 dekabria kazhdogo goda.

President’s Scholarship for World Leaders ot Universiteta Winnipeg


President’s scholarship for world leaders prisuzhdaetsia student, vpervye liuboi is the fakul’tetov University of Winnipeg. Vsego universitet vruchaet 53 stipendii.

Chto pokryvaet? Uspeshnym kandidatam vyplatiat 5000 $.

Kto mozhet poluchit’? Inostrannye studenty — grazhdane liubykh gosudarstv, postupaiushchie na programmy bakalavriata i magistratury. Srednii ball uspevaemosti kandidatov dolzhen sostavliat’ kak minimum 80 % ot admission average vybrannoi programmy (konkretnye tsifry smotri v opisanii vybrannoi programmy). Studenty takzhe prodemonstrirovat’ liderskie kachestva.

How do I apply? All applicants to the university are eligible for the scholarship competition. You can do this on the university’s web from June 1 each year.

International Master’s Award of Excellence (IMAE), University of Waterloo

Each year, the University of Waterloo presents the International Master’s Award of Excellence Scholarship (IMAE) to international students who have completed a Master’s degree in research. This scholarship is awarded starting in the fall semester. Every faculty chooses fellows based on academic achievement. The higher your grades on the previous diploma, you are more likely to win a scholarship.

What is it covering? The maximum amount of $ 2,500 per semester for successful applicants (for a maximum of five semesters).

It is possible for anyone to get it. International students who are enrolled in the first semester of the Graduate Programs University of Waterloo. Candidates who are currently doing research will be preferred.

Students must perform well in school and pass all exams on time.

How do I apply? All students who apply to study programs automatically take part in the scholarship competition. January-February is the deadline to apply for fall semester programs.


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