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5 Tips: How to Set Goals and Achieve Them

Leaders who want to win big should learn to aim high. If you don’t want to win small, aim high if you are a leader who wants to make an impact in your field.

How can you strategically aim high and achieve your goals? And how can you reap the benefits of true excellence?

You can’t go wrong when you develop small habits and execute daily tasks. It’s hard to fail when thinking long-term. Because of the flexibility of the capitalist system, self-improvement directly correlates to one’s ability and willingness to set high goals.

I don’t know of any professional who doesn’t strive for excellence and never learns new skills. As life changes, skills become obsolete. There are always new demands. There are always new challenges. Proactive, continuous leadership improvement is essential, expected, and advantageous.

Gordon Tredgold, founder and CEO of Leadership principles, said that success is about aiming high and following through by starting small and continuing. He stated that “big success is often an accumulation of small victories.”

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This article will explain why micro-habits, daily tasks, tracking long-term progress, self-improvement, and small successes are all powerful strategies for reaching high goals in the workplace.

Strategically aiming high is why you should

Simply put, it’s not worth living for failing and aiming low. It would be a wasteful use of talent and time to ignore strategy.

If you want to live with passion, your only goal in life is to set high career goals.

Six Strategic Ways to Reach Your Goals and Aim High

Strategic thinking is essential to achieving your goals and setting high expectations. These activities can be adapted to your specific field and tested to see if they work. These are the exact things I do to achieve high goals and live a life full of purpose and continuous achievement.

  1. Small Micro Habits:

First, you must be able to create micro habits like curating your circle of influence 

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Success in Life

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Your life will be a lot better if you can impact the lives of those around you. Jose Valentino Ruiz-Resto is a University of Florida Music Entrepreneurship Faculty member. He was a Multi-Grammy Award and Emmy Award, winner.

Who are the people in your immediate circle of influence? This is important because it will significantly impact your life and personality.

Other important micro habits include taking action when others aren’t, paying attention to patterns, and asking yourself daily: “How can my life change today?”

  1. Daily tasks

To accomplish this, I have to complete a range of daily tasks. These include answering emails related to the unit’s vision, speaking with students to gain valuable youth insight, revising and writing new syllabus objectives, and creating partnerships across campus to increase cross-collaboration. Achieve your goals and be successful. As Department Chair, I aim to create the best media production department among the Historically Black Colleges and Universities of Alabama. I plan to build the infrastructure necessary, e.g., Modern facilities, up-to-date media curriculums, and a place where students can congregate are some of the things I plan to do.

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You can achieve your long-term goals by completing the tasks you do each day, even if they are big. Do not get too caught up in the details and neglect the importance of small tasks.

  1. Monitoring Your Long-Term Progress

Long-term goals are almost always associated with setting high standards. Pursuing the extraordinary takes a lifetime and must be measured against a specific standard. Malcolm Gladwell, the author of The Tipping Point, stated, “Researchers believe that 10,000 hours is the magic number to achieve true expertise.”

Although some scholars disagree with the number of hours (10,000), they agree that expertise can only be developed over a long period. Leaders who set high goals and achieve success keep a spreadsheet that tracks the time spent on each task and any progress.

Because variables are measured over time, trends emerge (positive or negative), leading to useful conclusions. This will allow you to adjust your goals as you go.

  1. Continuous self-improvement

Tiger Woods would run four miles each morning in pursuit of¬†self-improvement. He’d then go to the gym and lift weights. He’d then hit the balls for two to three hours, play around and then work on his short game.

While some may find his routine crazy, all agree that Tiger Woods set high goals and achieved success in his golf endeavors. Even after being crowned the champion of several major open golf championships, he has always strived to improve.

Clearly, Tiger knew kaizen, the Japanese philosophy for continuous improvement. This is a prerequisite for reaching high and succeeding.

  1. Accumulation of small successes

To achieve your goals and be successful, you must first take the first step. Then, accumulate small victories as you go. Let’s look at the journey towards a Ph.D. A Ph.D. is not something you can do quickly. It takes time and small victories to achieve it.

The process begins with being accepted into a Ph.D. program. Next, you become a Ph.D. candidate and then pass coursework to finally be able to take the comps and begin working on your doctoral dissertation. Only after the first step can a candidate be eligible to defend their dissertation.

Chrysler is another great example. In the 1980s, the great Lee Iacocca revived Chrysler Corporation by accumulating small victories that allowed him to purchase the Jeep Division of AMC. You can be like great corporate leaders who aim high and achieve small successes.


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