All-Greater Houston boys basketball player of the year: PJ Haggerty, Crosby

Scoring has always been natural for PJ Haggerty.

Stopping him has always been difficult for opposing teams.

This trend continued this season as the 6-foot-3 senior guard guided Crosby to its first regional championship game in 43 years.

The Cougars, coached by Edwin Egans, defeated Paetow in the regional semifinals before eventually falling to final champion Beaumont United in the final.

Crosby finished with an overall record of 21-12, and Haggerty left a monumental legacy.

The TCU signature averaged 28 points, 6.8 rebounds, 4.3 assists and 2.7 steals per game, while shooting 49 percent on 2-point attempts and 41 percent behind the arc.

Haggerty collected 43 points in the win over Paetow and had a game-high 26 against United.

To take Crosby to new heights, he is this year’s All-Greater Houston boys basketball player.

Question: What were your goals and expectations when you entered your senior season?

ONE: “For myself, it was just getting in and playing hard, just making me. As a team, we all wanted to get to the state, and we almost made it. That’s pretty much it. We just wanted to win and go as far as we could. ”

Q: What was the key to your success as a unit this season, and what made this group special?

ONE: “I played more of a point guard role and I got my teammates involved. I scored when I needed to score, but they came in the clutch and scored when we needed it. As a team, we just played together, did ours. roles and we went very deep in the playoffs this year. “

AT TEXAS SPORTS NATION: All-Greater Houston boys basketball team

Q: There are many tense moments in the playoffs. How have you remained calm?

ONE: “As a team, we just did not rattle. It did not matter if we were down, we just lifted our heads and just played harder and smarter. As a team, we felt we were meant to be here. We just played hard. and did what we had to through adversity and came out with some good victories. “

Q: What was it like playing in some big matches in the regional tournament?

ONE: “It was very exciting. A lot of people from our side came out to support us. Against Paetow we just played hard. They were bigger than us but we just did not give up. Against United we played hard and I feel we should have won. I feel like there were a lot of bad calls. But I feel like we played hard. We just did not come out with the win. “

Q: What did it mean to make a historic playoff for Crosby?

ONE: “We left a good legacy. For most of us, it was our last trip, so we just wanted to leave with a bang. We wanted to get to the state, but some things just did not happen. But I felt we left a good legacy for the next few years for Crosby.

Q: How do you feel your game has evolved over the last four years at Crosby?

ONE: “I have always been a goal scorer, could always shoot, score in the paint. But I feel that over the years, as I got bigger and stronger, I was able to get more rebounds and look for my open teammates and get them more involved. “

Q: When you get into the groove with your scoring, how fun is it then to be out there on the court?

ONE: “It was always fun. Anyone can say when they score that they’re just having fun. I feel like I just have the natural gift to score, so when I score and we win, it’s just fun. Just basketball . “

Q: What excites you most about continuing your career at TCU?

ONE: “This will be my first year in college. I’ve always watched it on TV and wanted to play DI basketball. It’s going to be exciting. I love the team, the coaches, everything.”

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