Beck, Duke women’s tennis continues in the late season’s momentum, and coasts past Clemson and Georgia Tech at home

Just a few weeks ago, the Blue Devils came without a win on a trip to Florida, where they lost two close games to ACC rivals Miami and Florida State.

But ever since the team’s return to North Carolina, Duke has found his trail. The last weekend was no different. In both wins and losses, one thing that has been consistent for the team is played by junior Chloe Beck, whose talent and work ethic have helped make her the ninth-ranked player in the country.

“Chloe has been so solid for us all year,” head coach Jamie Ashworth said of Beck. “And she’s just someone we’re leaning on for the last couple of years. She’s taking care of what she has to do. She’s competing, she’s fighting, she’s working hard every day, it does not matter if it’s training or She is committed to getting better. “

Friday night, in front of a large crowd of Duke faithful, the 10th ranked Blue Devils shut down Georgia Tech to secure their third win in a row. After winning double points early, strong performances from seniors Margaryta Bilokin and Kelly Chen Duke (15-3, 10-2 in the ACC) gave an early 3-0 lead.

Shortly after, freshman Ellie Coleman was able to battle Rosie Garcia Gross in the third set to achieve the match-winning point. Beck would go on to win his singles match after dropping the first set, giving Duke the last point it would need to take the 5-2 win over the Yellow Jackets (12-8, 7-4).

To continue that momentum, Duke Clemson took down Sunday afternoon decisively. Beck and Coleman won 6-3 in their doubles match, quickly followed by another 6-3 win from senior Georgia Drummy and sophomore Karolina Berankova to give the Blue Devils the double point and the lead against the Tigers (10-10, 2) -8) .

Once the singles matches got underway, the Blue Devils never looked back. After losing a few games early, Beck stormed back against Clemson’s Cristina Mayorova to win the first set 6-4. As the intensity of the match escalated, Beck’s play also increased, and she trampled through the second set without losing a single match.

“I brought a lot of energy,” Beck said. “And because I brought a lot of energy, I was able to stay in the fights and then started hitting the ball better towards the end of both doubles and singles. As I started to take more chances and make bigger cuts on the ball, the ball started to fall in and I was just a more aggressive player towards the end of the match. ”

With direct wins from graduate student Eliza Omirou and freshman Emma Jackson, Duke took a 4-0 lead and secured the win against the Tigers. After additional single points from Bilokin and Coleman, the Blue Devils would end the match with a dominant 6-1 final score.

With the regular season coming to an end, Duke has only one more obstacle in the binoculars before the off-season: the undefeated North Carolina. If there has ever been a test for the strength of the Blue Devils, it is now staring them in the face in the form of a Friday match against the top-ranked Tar Heels.

“It’s a great opportunity for us to really see where we stand,” Ashworth said of the upcoming match. “They have been placed at the top of the rankings. And we get a shot at them before the off-season.”

In the coming weeks, the Blue Devils will face their toughest opponents in the matches that matter most. They will be forced to elevate their game to the significance of the moment if they are to succeed. For Beck, however, the best results do not come through expectations and pressure to excel, but simply by enjoying the game.

“I don’t really have any expectations for myself because it allows me to play freely,” Beck said. “I just want to keep my energy up and keep having fun with my teammates. So that’s the only expectation I have. And I think we can do some great things. “

With Beck at the helm and a number of talented players around her, the Blue Devils have no plans to slow down.

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