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Best 8 Mobile Marketing Solutions That Can Grow Your Business

The proliferation of smartphones has allowed businesses and marketers to connect with customers at any time. In the year that ended in December, 221 million Americans had smartphones. It’s predicted that by the close of 2018, smartphones will make up the 25th percent of U.S. retail e-commerce sales. There are plenty of opportunities for companies to utilize mobile marketing to engage with customers and convert customers.

It’s crucial to be aware of the best way to connect with customers. Mobile marketing may take different forms: SMS messages, push notifications videos, in-app ads, as well as local-based marketing. The process of creating a mobile marketing plan may require a variety of methods and channels, so when you’re operating an enterprise that is small and cannot afford full-time managers, make use of the right analytics.

There are many mobile marketing tools for small-sized businesses. Many companies claim their services are the only solution to connect with their customers via mobile. Check out the apps you’re using.

If your business is small and has a CRM or e-commerce system, many of these companies provide mobile marketing. It could be easier to incorporate a mobile marketing solution offered by one of the larger firms you already have a relationship with, for example, Salesforce or Shopify, instead of installing an additional tool to a separate platform.


Thumbvista is an application for mobile marketing that is specialized in geofencing and modern mobile marketing. You can utilize Thumbvista to design websites for mobile, distribute coupons and discount codes and analyze mobile-based campaigns. Geofencing is one of the main features of this software. You can create designated zones around your business when a visitor is in that location; mobile banner ads are activated. Geofences are able to be put in place anyplace, be it at an office event, close to the location of a shop, or close to competitors.


Mozo is a different text-message marketing platform that provides analysis and an easy-to-use integrated dashboard to manage and view marketing campaigns. Phone numbers and contacts are easily managed and stored, and mobile keywords can be divided into contacts and campaigns. You can make predetermined responses or personal messages with Mozo. Mozo also connects to other programs and applications via APIs. Users are able to avail of an initial trial for free, during which they can send free text messages and send 100 free email messages within either the U.S. or Canada.


Vibes is an engagement platform for mobile phones which offers messaging marketing via text messages, as well as CRM, as well as analytics, and tools. The platform provides several dashboards for managing campaigns, analyzing the analytics of mobile wallets, monitoring the volume of messages sent, and tracking the engagement of customers. There are additional location-based marketing tools that are part of this platform too. Vibes can be adapted to suit your company’s needs for mobile marketing regardless of your company’s size. Vibes also integrate with your existing application and features such as a wallet or push notifications can be quickly implemented.


Foursquare While distinct from the traditional mobile marketing system can be a good starting point for mobile marketing for a small business owner. Although it does not offer geofencing services or text messaging, FourSquare can be used to boost traffic and visibility to your business’s location. Incentivizing users to check into the app, you can create a credible online reputation. Around 95 percent of internet users check local information using their smartphones prior to visiting a business. So, establishing an online presence through applications such as FourSquare will enable your company to stand out in the crowd of mobile users.


Convertro is an application that specializes in offering marketing analytics and information about your existing channels. Convertro is a service that combines data gathering and analysis processing from modeling of the marketing mix and multi-touch attribution, to create an analysis tool that is thorough and precise in its reports. Convertro gives your company the tools necessary to assess the effectiveness of campaigns and to plan future advertising expenditures. Although it’s not a traditional mobile marketing tool, it does provide a way to analyze and monitor the results of your analytics to help improve your business. It also monitors a user’s purchasing experience from start to end, so that you’ll be able to quickly determine which methods are most effective for converting customers.

Instagram for Business

Instagram for business is a mobile advertisement tool to place creative ads on a thriving online social network. Facebook and Instagram have spurred the growth of marketing via social media, and some online retailers have already seen growth on this platform. Instagram for business is a product offered by Instagram for companies looking to promote their Business on Instagram. These posts show up as native posts on users’ feeds, and their location can encourage ad design creativity. Businesses can make videos, photo ads, or “carousel advertisements,” which are where multiple images are included in a single post. With over 500 million active users worldwide, Instagram is a growing platform that offers another avenue to promote social media marketing.


Leanplum can be described as an app-based marketing tool that promises to boost the engagement of your app while increasing your client base. As with other options, Leanplum manages SMS messaging as well as push notifications, email messages, and location-based ads. It offers an omnichannel user experience and is able to track customers’ behavior across various platforms. What makes this service stand out, however, is its capability to help promote constant engagement on the app. Leanplum lets businesses connect their messages across different channels and manage engagement. You can also test A/B different variations of campaigns using Leanplum to help you determine the most effective way to interact with your customers. Leanplum helps build connections through interactions with customers on different channels. Although this service is utilized by many large companies, it can be customized to meet your specific business’s size and requirements.


Sumotext is an application that offers SMS marketing and mobile relationship management as well as multimedia messaging for small companies. Businesses can manage their marketing campaigns and interact with their customers via Sumotext. It provides plans and pricing options that are flexible for various different sizes and types of businesses. Sumotext also offers advanced services. These services can be easily customized to suit your needs, and you can choose to add features like geofencing as well as mobile wallet compatibility. creation of QR code. Sumotext can also support coupons as well as gift cards.


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