Bishop Stang’s Gouveia is this year’s boys hockey player 2021-22

Justin Gouveia really came into his own this season as a senior left winger on Bishop Stang’s high-scoring first line.

Gouveia finished with 21 goals and 27 assists to level Dartmouth Super Teams Damien Medeiros (34-14) to a seventh-place finish with 48 points in the state’s scoring run.

He also played a key role in the Spartans’ 26-game unbeaten streak (24-0-2), which stretched back to last season and ended in a 5-0 loss to Dartmouth in the first round of the Spartan Cup at the Hetland Memorial Skating Rink in New Bedford.

Bishop Stang's Justin Gouveia avoids the poker check from Dartmouth's JC Frates as Gouveia appears to be entering the attack zone.

“Justin was our leading goal scorer for the second season in a row and he was a catalyst under our unbeaten streak,” said Bishop Stang coach Ken Gouveia, who happens to be Justin’s father. “He had 35 goals and 30 assists during the streak and scored at least one point in all 26 games.”

2022 Standard-Times Boys Hockey Player of the Year, Gouveia teamed up with senior right wing player Jack Jedrey (12-22-34) and second-place Quinn Pine (20-21-41) for a total of 53 goals. 70 assists and 123 points.

Justin Gouveia goes to celebrate in front of the Spartan student department.

“Justin was part of a dynamic first line that featured three players who could move the puck and score,” Gouveia said. “He was a selfless player and he had the vision to play and score for himself and his teammates.”

For Justin, who started skating at Hetland when he was three years old, this past season was a dream come true and a great way to end his hockey career.

“My last two seasons were memorable. I knew we had a good bunch of players,” said Gouveia, who is on his way to UMass Boston to play baseball and major in business. “It was fun to get a chance to play with some friends that I grew up with and we got the best out of it.”

Nantucket goalkeeper Griffen Starr can only look like Bishop Stang's Justin Gouveia is hitting his second goal in the match for the Spartans.  Gouveia would score all three Bishop Stang goals.

After a junior season shortened by the pandemic, Gouveia came back ready to go for his senior season.

“Our attack picked up speed and we caught up with the lost time,” said Gouveia, who scored five short-handed goals and led the Spartans with a school record of 131 shots on the net. “We got great goalkeeping from Matt (Dore) and Brayden (Bennett) and we were the best when we moved the puck together. We knew how to play each other out and we were a quick line that liked to come up and down the track. ice. “

Playing for his father was an experience he would not have given up for the world.

“It was a challenge at times, but he taught me a lot,” Gouveia said. “He emphasizes working hard and being a good teammate.”

Bishop Stang's Justin Gouveia shoots at goal.

For coach Gouveia, it was invaluable to get a chance to see his son grow as a person and player.

“He really reinforced that this season with his passing and scoring,” Gouveia said. “He’s one of the best and one of the fastest athletes we’ve had. He led the state in scoring most of the way and he scored the most points in a season since the (Luc and Max) Sauve brothers I’ve been training all my three kids since they were little and it’s a great experience to train his kids. I’ve seen Justin go a long way and seen him become a confident player who got a little better every year. As a father and coach, I could not be prouder. “

Justin Gouveia


WHY HE WAS SELECTED: Gouveia made a big upward step as a junior and continued that rise as a senior. His skating skills, speed and quick releases made him a threat to score every time he touched the puck. Consistency, hard work and versatility were his three biggest strengths. He reached the top in big matches and scored many goals when it came.

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