Boston Team Handball to teach Olympic sports at exhibition and clinic

With interest and exposure from the Olympics in Tokyo in 2021, they hope in the sport of handball to take a shot at growth.

Boston Team Handball will do its thing this Saturday at the Starland Sportsplex in Hanover, as the club will host an exhibition match at. 9.30 followed by a free youth clinic for ages 10-18 p.m. 10.30

Mustafa El-Farra, from Boston Team Handball, finds a creative path to get out of a shot.

The demonstration battle gets the convention started as an example for beginners to follow in the clinic afterwards.

“Basically, it’s about introducing very basic skills. Show them how to dribble, but show them how dribbling is different from what they may have done when they grew up playing basketball, ”said Drew Bradley, a club board member and USA Team Handball Regional Ambassador. “The kids will see the sport being played and they will have something to emulate.”

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