Boyfriend at the center of the great Kyrgios message

Pictured here, Nick Kyrgios and his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi put themselves next to each other.

Nick Kyrgios says his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi is largely behind his decision to return to the French Open in 2023. Photo: Instagram

Nick Kyrgios has revealed that he will finally end his self-imposed French Open exile and return to Roland Garro’s famous clay – all in the name of love.

The outspoken Aussie has made no secret of his dislike of Paris’ red clay and will once again skip this year’s second grand slam in 2022.

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The 26-year-old, however, tells his girlfriend Costeen Hatzi has helped convince him to return to the French Grand Slam in 2023.

In a conversation with tennis reporter Blair Henley, the Aussie revealed that Hatzi’s desire to see Paris was a major influential factor in the decision.

“Next year I’m going to Paris. I’m announcing that now, I’m going to the French Open,” Kyrgios told tennis reporter and host Blair Henley.

“I have not played it in four years, so I will be back next year.

“My boyfriend just wants to see Paris. I mean, I want to play the French Open too. “

Kyrgios has not played on his least favorite pitch at Roland Garros since he was knocked out of the second round by South African Kevin Anderson in 2017, meaning it will be six years when he returns in 2023.

When the Aussie was asked why he chose to skip this year’s French Open – starting next month – the Aussie said he had already made plans with Hatzi to return home to spend time with his family in Australia.

“We have already decided to go home and have that time. We are just working towards it. The time at home is crucial because the next trip is for three months and the time at home is so valuable,” said Kyrgios.

“Especially when you’re from Australia, you get homesick very quickly, and we’re both very family-oriented, so we have to make sure the season stays close.”

Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi announced their relationship before the 2022 Australian Open.  Photo: Instagram / Getty

Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi announced their relationship before the 2022 Australian Open. Photo: Instagram / Getty

Kyrgios and Hatzi announced their new relationship in the run-up to the Australian Open, where Hatzi was seen supporting her husband during his matches at Melbourne Park.

Hatzi was often seen from the stands as Kyrgios teamed up with Thanasi Kokkinakis to win the Australian Open double title.

The beloved couple shared a hug and kiss on the pitch as Kyrgios and Kokkinakis celebrated their maiden grand slam double triumph.

Details emerged in February that Kyrgios was considering moving from his home in Canberra to Sydney so he could be closer to Hatzi, where the tennis star admitted to Stellar Magazine that long-distance relationships had not worked for him before.

This picture shows Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi holding hands at the Australian Open 2022.

Nick Kyrgios and Costeen Hatzi celebrate their Australian Open double triumph. (Photo by Quinn Rooney / Getty Images)

“Relationships are easy when both people are invested,” he told Stellar Magazine.

“It is difficult to move a sofa on your own. I’ve had a few past relationships that are brutal when one is away from them for so long. It affects you when you are on the field.

“The luxury I have now in my career is that I am able to support the person and if they want to travel with me, they can.

“I’m in a very blessed situation that not many people are able to do. Hopefully everything works out, but I’m not planning anything more.”

A recent Instagram post suggested that Hatzi is fully invested in Kyrgios and wants to follow him around the world on the ATP tour.

“We’re having a lot of fun,” he wrote. “Looking forward to going around the world with you.”

Nick Kyrgios out of pocket $ 47,000 for Miami outburst

Kyrgios was fined $ US35,000 ($ 47,000) last week for his explosive outburst at the recently concluded Miami Open.

In scenes described as “disgraceful” by many tennis fans, Kyrgios scolded an angry referee and received a match penalty after a series of code violations in a straight-sets loss to Jannik Sinner.

After repeatedly criticizing referee Carlos Bernardes for failing to control the crowd at the Masters 1000 tournament on Tuesday, Kyrgios received a point penalty in the first set tiebreak for telling a friend in the stands that he could do a better job of to judge the match.

The Australian then received a match penalty – which put Italian Sinner on pause at the start of the second set – after repeatedly shouting: “What is unsportsmanlike?” to Bernardes, and then went to his bench, where he repeatedly slammed his racket against his bag and the pitch.

ATP fined Kyrgios $ 5,000 for audible obscenity, $ 10,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct and $ 20,000 for verbal abuse.

Asked after the match about his behavior, Kyrgios defended his character while taking another slap against the referee.

“He’s not even going to get a slap on the wrist for his awful refereeing performance today. Just like he was awful,” the Australian said.

The huge fine from Miami marks the second time in less than a month that Kyrgios gets a reprimand for bad behavior on the field.

He was also hit with $ 25,000 ($ 33,000) at Indian Wells earlier in March after losing his temper in a quarterfinal to Rafael Nadal, after which he smashed his racket to the ground and it jumped up and nearly hit a ball boy.

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