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20 Creative False Ceiling Design For Living Room Ideas

Installation of stretch ceilings and false ceiling design are one of the most common solutions for living room ceilings. It is very elegant and suits all interiors, There are a lot of patterns you can try with these False Ceiling Design For Living Room Ideas with this post.

Advantages and disadvantages

False Ceiling Design For Living Room have a number of obvious advantages. In any room, including the hallway, they perfectly align the ceiling, which, of course, positively affect the appearance of the entire interior. Application of this material is possible regardless of the size of the room, as all joints are treated with such precision that they are almost invisible.

The materials used are environmentally friendly and do not harm the health of the occupants. In addition, even if the temperature in the room rises sharply, there is no need to fear unpleasant odors and dangerous fumes. A stretch ceiling alone can quickly transform an entire interior and give it a new atmosphere. The installation process is quick and easy.

However, stretch ceilings have some disadvantages. For example, you can only install certain types of lights, with limited power and thermally insulated ceilings. If you use other lights, ugly spots will form around them. In addition, the quality of installation is extremely important for stretch ceilings.

If you use inexperienced craftsmen, it is quite possible that exposure to drafts will cause the sheet to rise up to the ceiling. In addition, although a stretch ceiling will save the room from flooding, it will have to be replaced after a disaster at the neighbors’ house.

Consider ceiling height

Some people fear that low ceiling height will be an obstacle to the installation of stretch ceiling tiles, but this is actually where single-ply construction comes in handy. If the room is less than 2.3 meters high, you should consider installing a single layer. Staggered ceilings consist of units installed at different levels. This is why it is important to consider the existing ceiling height when designing.

Types of cladding

When planning a stretch ceiling for a room, There are several basic options to choose from. The surface of a matte surface has no gloss. This surface retains heat in the room and also provides the necessary soundproofing. Glossy surfaces, on the other hand, create a glossy effect on the ceiling.

Their advantages also include reliable protection against moisture and the absence of discoloration.

Since glossy ceilings are not affected by fungus and odors, they are often used in saunas or indoor swimming pools.

Satin ceilings have a subtle preadolescent sheen. The coating has an elegant look that fits perfectly in interiors where textile decoration abounds. The choice of texture is usually based on the existing design of the room. For example, glossy furniture is best balanced with a matte ceiling, while a glossy finish is used for quieter interiors.

All false ceiling design are divided into fabric ceilings and foil ceilings depending on the material used.

Fabric ceilings serve their owners for many years. It has good air permeability and is not affected by sudden changes in temperature. Fiber ceilings are not very thick, but still resistant to strong influences, such as water. They are fixed with aluminum profiles, which allows to completely hide the existing defects in the main ceiling. Combinations are also worth mentioning: in multi-storey buildings, different materials can be used for different levels.

Types of construction for false ceiling design for Living Room

It is customary to divide stretch ceiling constructions according to the number of available levels.

In most cases, single-level and fairly simple ceilings are installed. The fabric can be mounted quickly and does not require any special preparation procedures. Single ceilings are common in low-ceilinged rooms and austere interiors. They are unaffected by liquids and UV radiation and are very easy to maintain.

Staggered ceilings are usually made with two or three levels, as more levels already seem cumbersome and do not fit in all interiors. The structures are held together by special blocks of different heights, made of wood or plasterboard, a material that retains its shape. These modules can be rectangular, circular or curved; in principle, there are no restrictions.

Multi-storey constructions are used not only to create an original interior, but also for the necessary zoning of space.

Depending on the width of the fabric, you can choose between seamless and seamless varieties. Their width can be up to 5 meters, and they are joined into a single fabric, fixed along the perimeter. Seamless constructions consist of several parts. They are assembled using high-frequency currents, adhesive solutions and special equipment. Stretch ceilings are fixed in the room, either to the ceiling or to the main wall, or to a special frame or plasterboard profile.

Color scheme

Although white ceilings are common in the living room, tensioned walls allow for much more experimentation. Wainscoting can be done in contrasting black and white tones, or in color, or with a distinctive pattern. A two-tone combination is common for a two-level design. This is not only elegant, but also helps to highlight one area of the room, for example if the living room also houses the dining room check all these amazing false ceiling design for living room ideas.

To create a harmonious look, use light and dark tones of the same color, or cool and warm tones from the same group. Warm colors for ceiling design are beige, peach, pink and brown, and cool colors, such as blue, purple, green and several variations.

In addition to the combination of black and white, it is also possible to combine warm and cool tones or very dark and almost white colors. Patterned ceilings only look good in a room that is not too colorful, so they should be used with care. The lower the room, the lighter the ceiling, while the higher the ceilings, the darker the colors should be. In this situation, using the right color can make the room more harmonious.

If the side of the room is sunny, it is better to use cool shades for the false ceiling design for living room, creating a cool effect. If the room is poorly lit from the street, it is better to choose warm colors for the coating.

It is also not recommended to use the same color for the ceiling as for the walls, but if the desire is strong, it is better to combine matte and glossy coatings or add reliefs.

Stylish solutions

Modern manufacturers allow you to order stretch ceilings in a variety of styles, from classic to futuristic. Each model has its own characteristic features, namely:

In a classic interior design living room, a single-colored sheet with a matte surface, not overloaded with decorative details and light-colored, will look good. The simpler and more austere the design, the more organic it will look.

In the Art Nouveau style, the use of several layers and floral patterns is optimal. An oriental interior will only look better if the ceiling is covered with a canvas in sand, brown or gold colors. A single-color ceiling or a ceiling patterned with mandalas and circular compositions is also suitable. For an ethnic style, choose a ceiling with a surface imitating wood, animal skins or national motifs.

False Ceiling Design For Living Room Ideas: Design options

Often a stretch ceiling is ordered with a photographic print. If you turn to a specialist, it is possible to provide a clear color image enlarged to full proportions. Printing is done with special printers that can even accommodate a one-piece canvas five meters wide. Latex printing is used to create large images, but eco-solvent printing can be used to create 3D paintings. To create any pattern on a dark background, ultraviolet printing is suitable.

For the ceiling, it is recommended to choose simple images, with flowers, landscapes or abstraction in calm tones.

A popular image to decorate not only the living room, but also other rooms can try False Ceiling Design For Living Room Ideas, is a starry sky. This image always looks impressive and is quite practical. Large pictures, as a rule, are chosen for spacious rooms with high ceilings, and miniature pictures are used for small rooms. If the owners want something unusual, carved ceilings can be a good solution. Basically, these are two-level ceilings, where the lower level is decorated with openings of various shapes and sizes.

How to choose best false ceiling design?

In principle, a stretch ceiling can be suitable for absolutely any space. If your apartment has a small living room of 16-18 square meters, it is important to avoid bulky and visually heavy constructions. In a small living room, flat furniture with concise geometric shapes, such as rectangular or rounded, would be more suitable. For a narrow living room in a khrushchyovka, the ceiling should be chosen so that it is visually more square.

In a private home, a stretch ceiling is no more difficult to install than in an apartment. If the house is made of wood, it is advisable to choose a cladding that imitates the woodwork to maintain a warm atmosphere. For a large living-dining room combined with a bay window, with an area of 20 square meters, the ideal is an unusual perforated ceiling or a multi-level design, which emphasizes the window area.

In all cases, when choosing an original false ceiling design for living room ideas, the goal should be to echo the existing interior. This may be the same geometric patterns, botanical motifs, color accents or repetitive motifs.

Frosted ceilings are best suited for quieter interiors that seek a relaxed atmosphere, or for rooms with high ceilings. Experts do not recommend them for small spaces, as a non-reflective surface will visually gobble up the available square footage. In small rooms, glossy surfaces can be useful.

They can be used in almost any interior with a change of tone or the addition of patterns.

The cost of the final work will depend on several important factors. Of course, the size of the area to be treated is taken into account: the larger the fabric used, the more you will have to pay, both for the material and for the installation. You can save on the latter if you want to level the ceiling yourself and free the room of furniture. Glossy ceilings will be more expensive than satin and matte ceilings, as their appearance is much better and clearer.

The cost of pictorial ceilings depends on the complexity of the design and the required color palette.

How do you take care of it?

An important part of the maintenance process of stretch ceilings is the choice of the right accessories. Since the coating is sensitive to high temperatures and even loses its original appearance when exposed to them, it is very important to ensure safety in this regard. Incandescent bulbs should have a maximum output of 50 kW. Experts recommend installing energy-saving bulbs in the ceiling, preferably with additional reflectors.

It is practical to place a strip of LEDs with various lighting modes along the perimeter. If a chandelier is chosen for the room, it should be mounted with secure brackets that are not attached to the stretch ceiling, but to the main ceiling.

In addition, from time to time, It will be necessary to wash the ceiling with a damp cloth to remove dust or other contamination. Experts recommend to remove strong detergents containing alcohol and abrasive particles. It is strictly forbidden to use acetone, which is harmful to the ceiling and human health.

Incorrect products can cause discoloration or damage parts of the ceiling. This is especially dangerous in the case of photographic images. In principle, a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle is suitable for cleaning the false ceiling design for living room ideas.

If stains or streaks appear on the surface, they should be removed as soon as they appear. It is important to perform maintenance carefully so that the ceiling surface does not come into contact with the main ceiling.

In the case of glossy ceilings only, there is a specificity. In principle, experts do not prohibit the use of solutions containing alcohol. It is quite simple to use an aerosol, which is sprayed on a soft cloth and used in a circular motion to remove all excess material. A liquid soap diluted in a warm liquid will also work.

In this case, the streaks are simply wiped away. After cleaning, you need to polish the glossy ceiling. An ordinary 10% solution of ammonia mixed with water in a ratio of 9 to 1 can also do the trick.

Since a film will form on the surface after use, it should be removed with a dry towel. A higher concentration will damage the ceiling and is therefore not recommended. All cloths and towels used during the work should be as soft as possible. Remember also that it is important to remove all rings and bracelets during the cleaning process, otherwise the ceiling may be damaged without you noticing.

Beautiful examples

There are many modern ideas to turn an ordinary living room ceiling into a real work of art. A spacious living room with a bay window, decorated in classic style, would look great even with a fairly simple two-level stretch ceiling. The room itself is decorated in pastel shades, as is the ceiling. The color chosen is very similar to the wallpaper. In this case, the ceiling is glossy, which creates an unusual, almost mirror effect.

The windows are exposed in the ceiling, which adds air and light to the space. The perimeter of the ceiling is decorated with scrolls of the same brown color as the sofa. In the center is an elegant crystal chandelier of classic design. It is worth mentioning that the bay window area has a different ceiling level. The floor is white, matte and is equipped with several spotlights.

For a room decorated in a modern style with bright colors, an unusual two-tone ceiling is suitable. The chosen colors are deep purple and golden sand, the first reminiscent of window curtains, and the second has a similar tone to the walls and upholstery. In principle, the color of the ceiling is almost identical to the color of the walls, which creates a very unusual effect.

The first level of the ceiling is a bright purple semicircle in the center of the room. It is responsible for the accentuation and expansion of the room and is also where the unusual design chandelier is located. The second, quieter level surrounds the purple figure and is matte.

In fact, it serves as a base for recessed spotlights as well as several small chandeliers that enhance the dining room.

In a small living room with low ceilings, it would be rather silly to install large, bulky structures. Instead, it is much more appropriate to give preference to a glossy ceiling with a white level. This solution visually recedes the ceiling line, while adding air and space to the room. To enhance the effect, an unusual lighting system was installed in the room. In addition to the classic chandelier in the center, the sconces are mounted directly under the ceiling, with their bulbs aimed directly at the reflective ceiling.

In a small living room with low ceilings, it is rather silly to install a bulky, oversized design. Instead, it is better to opt for a bright white ceiling on a single level. This solution visually pushes the ceiling line back, while adding air and space to the room. To enhance the effect, an unusual lighting system was installed in the room. In addition to the classic chandelier in the center, sconces are mounted just below the ceiling, with their bulbs pointing directly at the ceiling, which reflects the light.

In a slightly larger room, a fairly simple two-tier construction looks good. The base of the stretch ceiling is brown, in keeping with the overall design of the interior. The surface has a glossy finish, which adds space to the room. There are also two geometric compositions on the ceiling. The first is a matte white border that surrounds the entire room. The second is a small square, with a hole in the center, mounted exactly in the center of the living room.

It is also white and is completely matte. Both geometric shapes are used for the spotlights, which are mounted in the two frames at equal distance from each other.

It is worth noting that, to enhance the effect, cabinets with a glossy black surface have been chosen for the foyer, which also reflect the bulbs.

In the living room combined with the kitchen, the unified design of the double-height ceiling serves to unite the two zones into a single unit. As in many other examples, a bright and colorful round figure is used here, framed by a matte white frame. The pastel shade chosen for the colored piece echoes the tone of the curtains and the color of the kitchen cabinetry. The frame serves to house the chiseled light fixtures, primarily responsible for illuminating the living room. In addition, there is another white frosted insert in the center of the false ceiling design for living room ideas, on which an unusual design lamp is placed.

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