FCT Handball Association establishes area council management for grassroots development

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It is a joint effort to upscale the development of handball in all corners of the country’s capital, FCT Handball Association has set up the area council board to monitor the development of the sport on the grass roots.

The president of the FCT Handball Association, Ambassador Edward Olutoke, who announced the creation of the area council’s handball boards in a parley with the six area council sports officers on Tuesday in Abuja, said it was in line with the association’s decision to take FCT handball development from the hinterland.

Speaking to sports officials about the importance of setting up boards, Ambassador Olutoke said the essence was to create a synergy between the state board and the district council to work in harmony with the development of handball in the federal metropolitan area.

He noted that left alone, the FCT Handball Federation can not effectively handle the work of discovering and nurturing hidden talents in the local areas, and urged the sports officers to go into the board’s vision of making handball number one in the FCT.

“The system that brought us to where we are was a bad system and we have to change it. We are all here in our different positions in handball by the call of God. I am a radical person, I can not like to follow protocols.

“Now I want to do something new. I give you all a new role as handball champions in your areas. We establish Area Council Handball Associations. I do not know what the name is, but it is not important. The important thing is that we create a board in your area. area council and as the Sports Officers this responsibility lies on your desk.

“At the state level, it will be difficult for us to operate optimally without an established synergy with the area councils. Therefore, the board is imperative. When we establish the association in the Area Council, it will bring our plans and policies closer to the people.

Renovated area 10 handball court under the leadership of Ambassador Edward Olutoke as chairman of the FCT Handball Association

“It will be much easier to discover, nurture and develop talented handball players. You are the light and no darkness should stop you. God has put you in this position, shape your team. Create activities. We will work with you to develop, promote and elevate handball to greater heights. We have to make it very solid, it is you who must run the association and work hand in hand, we want to do achievements in FCT handball, ”he said.

Egbunu Jacob, speaking on behalf of other officers, thanked the Bwari Area Council Sports Officer, FCT Handball Federation Board, for the conversation and described the interaction as a valuable undertaking.

He praised the chairman and his board for their pragmatic agenda in repositioning handball in the FCT.

“On behalf of my other officers, I would like to thank the FCT Handball Association for this great gesture. This is the first time we meet you as the board of the FCT Handball Association, and you have left us with an indelible impression that it is divine that you will be in charge of FCT Handball.

“We thank you for this opportunity and the platform you have created. The new area council handball boards will be set up as you have instructed and we look forward to making handball number one in the FCT,” he said.

Area council sports officers present at the convention include Egbunu Jacob (Bwari district council), Nuhu Pada (Gwagwalada district council), Muhammed Jibrin Sabo (Kuje district council), Habakuku John (Kwali district council) and Peter Samson (AMAC).

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