Fresno State tennis wins back-to-back matches this weekend

AC Hummel ended its final weekend at the Spalding G. Wathen Tennis Center with back-to-back, match-clinching victories.

The four-year-old German native won both of her matches in the third set at No. 4 singles, and her second matchup proved to be the deciding factor on her senior day.

Fresno State’s women’s tennis team ended the weekend with two wins in Mountain West games, the first a 4-2 victory over UNLV and the second a 4-2 Senior Day victory over No. 66 in San Diego State.

The dogs have now won six consecutive matches and ended their season with a winning streak of 13 matches dating back to February 2021. The dogs now have an overall record of 14-3 and a record of 4-0 in the Mountain West competition.

“The whole day was amazing with the girls performance and all the support we got. Sticking to the senior day is everyone’s dream come true. I was very nervous in the end and my heart was pounding, but it was the best way to finish, ”said Hummel.

The first match of the weekend began successfully as the ‘Dogs’ picked up the double point by winning the 2-by-3 set against the Rebels.

The pair of Pang Jittakoat and Matilde Magrini dominated their opponents in No. 1 spot in a 6-1 victory. They were briefly followed by No. 2 place duo Carlotta Nonnis Marzano and Carolina Piferi, who sealed the double-point with their own 6-2 victory.

Now leading after doubles, the Fresno State singles competition began by extending their lead.

Jittakoat took the first victory in No. 1 spot against UNLV’s Molly Helgesson with scores of 6-2 and 6-4. She was followed by Piferi in No. 6 spot, defeating the Rebels’ Coco Zhao 6-4 and 6-2.

Despite trailing 3-0, UNLV picked up a few wins in singles to pull within one. However, Hummel took the victory to ‘Dogs’ by winning in No. 4 place with 6-1 and 6-4.

Fresno States’ second game of the weekend came against a significantly better opponent in the No. 66-ranked San Diego State Aztecs, who entered the game with a winning streak of six games.

‘Dogs’ started the match with a strong showdown in doubles, as the pair between Jittakoat and Magrini again secured a 6-2 victory in No. 1 spot. They were then followed by Marzano and Piferi, who won in No. 2 spot to win the double point for the second match in a row.

Jittakoat started scoring again for Fresno State in singles by winning at No. 1 spot with the scores 7-5 and 6-2. This marked her eighth straight win in singles, which she has each won without losing a single set.

San Diego State followed up the No. 1 loss with two wins at No. 2 and No. 3. Piferi, however, won its 10th game in a row at No. 6 to give the ‘Dogs’ a 3-2 lead.

The match ended with Marzano and Hummel competing side by side in their third set. Both led when the match ended, but Hummel sealed the victory again by taking the No. 4 spot with the scores 6-2 and 6-2.

The Bulldogs are now riding a six-game winning streak as they go into their final six games of the season. Assistant coach Calvin Song was especially proud of the team as it reached halfway through its conference schedule and closed out the home game of the season.

“Everyone is ready to dig deep for every single match, and no one is ready to throw in the towel. “Sometimes when it’s the middle of the season, it’s easy to do, but these girls have so much focus and gravel,” Song said.

He also stressed the sense of pride that his senior players’ efforts in their last home games gave.

“Getting to know them [senior players] the last few years were a really beautiful moment. I think they have come so far from their first year that they ended what Hummel did on her terms. We are super proud of her and all our other seniors, ”he said.

AC Hummel in his singles match against Colorado State on March 27 at the Spalding G. Wathen Tennis Center. (Melina Kazanjian / The Collegian)

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