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Mountain Views girls tennis team has depth and a good reason to have higher expectations this season.

Generals top four are close in skill level, making them a difficult team to beat. Junior Mya Councill and sophomore Ava Pittington have split time at No. 1 single position this season. Senior Charlotte Miller played No. 1 in singles last season and now plays at No. 3, and senior Amelia Hess plays at No. 4 spot. Senior Carly Thomas (No. 5 singles) and Claire Shirkey (No. 6 singles) give the team extra depth in their lineup.

“Our strength really is our team’s balance,” said Mountain View head coach Isaac Brunk. “We do not have much drop off from top to bottom. And many teams in high school there is a big difference between your girl at the top and then at the bottom. Our practice has been at a high level. And they have been able to be iron grinders. in a way so that they are really able to help each other get better in practice. “

The generals also have four seniors on the team, all in the top six. Mountain View lost the only player from last year’s top six, so the Generals have plenty of experience.

The Generals (3-1, 2-0 Bull Run) get off to a strong start and host Strasburg on Monday.

“Our team goal is definitely to get out of districts and get to regions,” Brunk said. “That was kind of what we said at the beginning of the year and just to get better and have fun. I have a real athletics team and even though they are new to tennis, they are solid athletes. Many of them are “Sports athletes. So it’s to our advantage. They came into the season in pretty good shape and we’ve been working on it.”


The Falcons got the first big test of the season on Monday, and even though they fell short, head coach Matt Smith said it was good for his team.

Central lost 5-4 to reigning Region 2B champion East Rockingham away.

“It was close and I’m really happy with the progress we’ve made,” Smith said. “It was a good experience because they were very consistent and they were athletic. They moved their feet. They just got everything back. It was good for us where our girls were going to long rallies that they had not really seen. up to that point. I look forward to playing them again. “

The Falcons are led by senior Erika Hutton, who plays at No. 1 singles. Freshman Mallory Hutton, Erika’s sister, plays on No. 2 singles. Smith said Mallory Hutton is doing well in a difficult position to play for the Falcons. Junior Lydia Scibelli, senior Hannah Borden and senior Grace May all play the same positions as they played last year, No. 3, 4 and 5 singles respectively.

Junior Madison Marston plays in the top six for the first time, and senior Keeyarra Dodson-Perez plays No. 3 doubles in his first time ever playing tennis.

The Falcons (3-1, 0-1 Bull Run) host Clarke County on Monday. The Falcons have had a strong program for several years now, and Smith said he has told his team that the key is to keep working hard and getting better by the end of the season.

“I’m really happy with the girls and their game has gotten better and their strokes have gotten better,” Smith said. “I’m happy with where we are. I’ve said all year that we’re not running a sprint, we’re running a marathon. So we’re trying to get better at the end of the season.”


Skyline’s girls’ tennis team does not have the depth it once had, but the team still has a solid start this year.

Skyline head coach John Natalie said his biggest problem this season has been getting his top six singles players available for every game. There have been several matches where his squad of 10 players has been short-handed.

“When we have our whole team together, we are actually pretty good,” Natalie said. “But this is not unique to us. It’s just not the same after COVID. It’s very difficult to get everyone there every training or every game. We lost to Clarke (County), who was missing a player, and then we all had overall, and we beat Clarke in singles, but they were missing eight of their 14 players that day. “

Natalie said some of his players have other activities they do, or jobs they do, that make them miss out on some training time or games.

One of the strengths of Skyline this season has been the play of senior Jenny Vaughn, who is undefeated at No. 2 singles. Natalie said she and junior No. 1 singles player Brittany Arp are very close to their level.

“She’s been away for about a year and a half from any kind of tennis,” Natalie said of Vaughn. “So she’s still trying to get back in court and get her serve consistent. When her serve is on, she should be No. 1, because no one wants to return her serve when she’s on. She can also return a powerful serve so she would not be outbid at No. 1. But when you have two people who are roughly alike, the one who plays No. 1 will look like they are fighting a bit and the one who “No. 2 is going to look like they’re the king of the world. When she’s there and when she’s on, she’s obviously very good. She’s been one of the highlights this year.”

Hawks (2-3) visit Strasburg on Tuesday.


The Rams have only five players, but they have still had some success this season.

Strasburg must lose two individual matches for each team match, but has been close to picking up a few wins.

The Rams have not won a team game, but they lost 6-3 to Warren County and 5-4 to Skyline.

Junior Raea Crabill has been solid at No. 1 singles, as has junior Olivia Hodges at No. 2 singles.

Junior Rachel Shafer plays at No. 3 singles, junior Emily Velasco at No. 4 singles and freshman Isabelle Ruwe Tharpe at No. 5 singles.

The Rams have no seniors on the team and should continue to improve with a program that is only in its second year.

The Rams (0-6, 0-1 Bull Run) play at Mountain View on Monday.

Warren County

First-year head coach Patti Heniff has been pleased with what she’s seen from Warren County’s girls’ tennis team this season.

The Wildcats have had a solid start with a balance between experience and youth. The Wildcats are led by junior Alyssa Furr with seniors Jessica Carino and Megan Plosch playing on No. 2 and No. 3 singles, respectively.

“We got a couple of seniors in the first three girls, so they are really strong leaders,” Heniff said. “The girls have become really close.”

Heniff said that even after losing to a strong Eastern View team, the team remained optimistic and viewed it as a learning experience.

The Wildcats (3-3) host Skyline on April 14th. Heniff said she has seen plenty of improvements from her team.

“I’ve seen a lot of improvements, especially beginners – they’re brand new people,” Heniff said. “They have an athletic attitude. They do the right things. They learn from their mistakes, like, ‘I know I have to change my grip here, and I have to hit it back here.’ “They are all really excited about it. Even with a few losses, they are still looking forward to the end of the season and hopefully getting some more wins.”


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