Hartlands Kam Ragon is this year’s hockey player in Livingston County

Senior goalkeeper Kam Ragon had a record of 21-0, stopping Hartland for a state Division 2 hockey championship in 2021-22.

What’s the best way to sum up Kam Ragon’s senior hockey season at Hartland?

Let’s gather DJ Khaled and friends.

Because all Ragon did was win, win, win.

No matter what.

It did not matter whether it was the two intense rivalry matches with Brighton, the numerous clashes with other state Division 2 challengers or the two overtime matches in the last four at the USA Hockey Arena.

When freshman Ian Kastamo scored in overtime to beat Trenton in the state championship game, it was 21 starts and 21 Ws for Ragon.

It is an extremely rare achievement that got the Ragon Player of the Year in Livingston County, a region that had 12 first-team all-states and put two teams in the state finals.

Anyone who said they saw this coming is lying.

A goalkeeper who gets the most starts for a team playing such a difficult program as Hartlands is expected to take a few hits along the way, especially if it’s his first season as the No. 1 man. Ragon was the backup for all-states Ryan Piros last season, playing just 77 minutes in three appearances.

“Clearly, it is certainly not expected to go undefeated,” Ragon said. “We knew we had a really tough schedule this season. It’s just a crazy feeling that it’s happened. There were definitely a lot of ups and downs. We just struggled through it all the way.”

Hartland goalkeeper Kam Ragon had 1.37 goals against the average and 0.938 save percentage in 2021-22.

Hartland has had a goalkeeper who has received all-state recognition eight times in the last nine seasons, but no one came close to sending a perfect record. Even two-time state champion Brett Tome had two losses and a draw in 2017-18 and four losses in 2018-19.

“If you imagine something like that, it’s almost wrong to think a goalkeeper can go undefeated because you know how tough a hockey season can be,” Hartland coach Rick Gadwa said.

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