Hawkeye Basketball 2021-22 Top 10: # 9 – Tony Perkins Experience

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# 10 – The UVA sequence

# 9 – The Tony Perkins Experience

If you’ve been paying attention to any of my comments over the last two years, you know I LOVE Tony Perkins. I just love this guy. The ruthless abandonment, his ability to get to the rim that Iowa has not had much of from that position for decades, the general fearlessness … he’s one of my favorites. I am constantly battling with BHGP employees over who has the largest investment in Perkins Island. I’m sure it’s me. It started with this game. Here you will see our favorite Illinois punching bag and transfer portal guy, Andre Curbelo, who has absolutely nothing to do with Perkins going downhill at full steam:

If you click on Mr Ortega’s tweet, you’ll see a certain writer claiming that acting was like a Charles Barkley clip when he went on those one-man fasting breaks back then. It’s crazy, but it’s the first thing I think of. I could have drunk too).

I wanted to research the season finale in Illinois here. And I will mention it. Unfortunately, I did not have much opportunity to follow the game much on Twitter other than some swear word directed at Illini, so I did not have a chance to like videos to stick to this post and I could not find any clips from that game. I’m probably about to be halfway through my Twitter search. When I took the plunge on various Perkins searches, many people kept confusing him with the Ben Stiller character in Heavyweights (Tony Perkins is the basketball player, Tony Perkis is the character who, by the way, should have won Stiller an Oscar. An all-time role). So that’s all the gifs below and just a handful of Perkins clips. Shoot.

Let’s look at some great plays from Mr. Perkins!

Perkins Vs. Penn State

Harrar is listed at 6-9, 240 pounds. He’s not a little guy. He averaged over 10 rebounds in a match, good for second place in the big ten. Perkins is listed at 6-4, 210. And he goes right into Harrar’s chest to make room for the finish. This guy is fearless, plus a little bully on a bigger guy.

Purdue steals

Classic Tony. He gets into free safety mode and gets passes this way with ease, jumping lanes and coming out for light dunks. The guy is an explosive athlete – he tried something really daring in the first Nebraska game this year, a windmill can that he just failed to convert, and kicked it off the back iron. Explosivity, plus he’s a showman.

Career evening in Nebraska

This was probably a C + / B game for Iowa, a game I’ve seen the Hawks lose about 500 times in my life. Bottom-feeder Nebraska in Lincoln (who admittedly played a decent ball down the stretch after the Hoiberg vote on the trust contract), Iowa is a bit meh (but still scored 88 points) … well, I’ve seen that movie too many times to count. Here Tony Perkins comes to the rescue! His full play was shown here on the way to 20 points, 5 rebounds and a block. Made 3s after a prolonged drought from the distance his first made 3s in 2022? Check. Hustle plays getting offensive rebounds for put backs? Check. Buckets late in the shooting clock? Check. Perkins has really perfected that middle class flow. It was on full display here and those buckets were always at a crucial point in the game.

Iowa vs. Illinois and Carver

This is back in Tony’s bench days, which are clearly over. He finishes through the one-and-1 competition over Coleman Hawkins. He clearly likes to play Illinois – he played limited minutes in the two games last year but still had 2 points, 3 rebounds and 2 assists in Champaign, then 4 points, a rebound and an assist in the semifinals of the Big Ten Tournament last year. He only had 12 minutes together in those matches a year ago. This season, he was the best in both games – a 16-point effort in Iowa City that spawned an Iowa comeback that briefly had the Hawkeyes at the helm, followed by 17 points, 12 rebounds and 5 assists in Champaign, perhaps his best game in an Iowa uniform. And I love his mentality that comes from that game – after the game, Perkins acknowledged his dissatisfaction with missed free throws and that he took the first game in the series, a 4-point victory to Illinois, where they personally surpassed Iowa by 29. I love that.

I want more about Tony later this spring in my player debrief series. His placement here is as much about this year as it is next year – this guy is on the verge of a huge breakout season next year, and if you want property on Perkins Island, I can give you a great price. Him, Patrick McCaffery and Kris Murray should form a good core for Iowa, and I expect Perkins to keep adding his game on his way to becoming a double-digit goal scorer. There is simply too much talent here.

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