Hope College tennis player Sullivan Patel has a smooth transition to college games

Hope freshman Sullivan Patel

NETHERLANDS – It did not take long for everyone at the DeWitt Tennis Center to realize that Sullivan Patel would be special.

Hope College freshman has impressed coaches and teammates since virtually the first day she stepped on the field. She continues to pick up victories and various other accolades up through her first spring season with Flying Dutch, and no one in the program is really shocked by that. Austin Hunt, the team’s freshman head coach, said he noticed almost immediately during the team’s trial period during the first three training sessions of the fall that she would be a big part of the team.

“It was pretty much an immediate thing, the first day of that trial week,” Hunt said. “I set her up against [the older players] and she kept to herself, started winning most of her matches within our team really fast, that was when we noticed we had something here. ”

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