How Ames’ Sophia Cordoba plans to take her tennis game to the next level

Sophia Cordoba is ready to step out of her shell.

She has had a successful career for Ame’s girls’ tennis team, which is entering its senior season. She won four matches as the team’s No. 2 singles player as a junior.

But she is ready to do more during her final round with Little Cyclones.

“I just want to compete at a higher level and be more courageous on the pitch,” Cordoba said. “Because of my tough game, I get a little shy on the field and try to keep everything inside, but without really attacking. This year I look forward to attacking more. “

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Sophia Cordoba (right) wants to end her senior season running in the state and help Ames grow as a team in girls' tennis.  Cordoba and Suya Que (left) have got off to a good start in the doubles game after winning a No. 2 match against Ankeny Centennial Monday.

Cordoba has been playing tennis on and off since she was 8 years old. She participated in a bubble league at the Ames Raquet and Fitness Center and took individual lessons to and from up to high school.

That experience gave Cordoba a head start when she joined the Ames team as a newcomer.

“Freshman year, I realized I had a lot more basic down than everyone else,” Cordoba said. “I had already started playing at the university level. Many of my fellow seniors started playing their second year.”

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