How to Earn Money By Uploading File – Best Way To Make Money Grow FAST

For many years, users earn on file storage, namely on downloading files, because it brings them money. In this article, I will tell you about fayloobmenniki, which pays money, how to earn on downloads, and how much is paid for it.

The meaning of such a mode of remuneration is to download files on a particular site, where users will download them, and you are to receive money. To start earning, register on one of the sites offered below.

You can earn not only by downloading your files but also by taking them from the Internet. When you upload the files to the hosting, place links in the maximum number of forums, blogs, websites, or social networks.

Which files to upload?
Now we will deal with the best files to download and which are most often downloaded by online users.

The files you can download:

  • Movie collection;
  • Assignment of music;
  • Photos;
  • Program;
  • Books;
  • Games;
  • No more tests, no more homework.
  • Training courses.

The most effective way to get lots of downloads is to search the forums for people looking for a specific file. Your task is to find that document online and upload it to the shared file as quickly as possible. If it is useful, it will be downloaded by more than a dozen users, and you will make money.

Result of downloading files and the best sites to download files in 2022 …. Profit from the Internet is the easiest way for beginners and professionals to earn money downloading files in 2022 (to download files from a site) or to earn money downloading files.

All files downloaded on these sites will earn money every time they are downloaded; this is a way for Internet beginners to earn money.

It may help to charge Visa Pioneer or PayPal accounts, as these methods can be used to pay for these sites.

Profit from downloading files


The file downloading earning method is one of the most important and easiest areas. Recently, this area has been proven to be very effective for earning money from the Internet.

The method of earning is based on uploading files to one of the dedicated sites, which pays users for each file uploaded.

To achieve high-profit rates, before entering the field of downloading files from the Internet, additionally following several measures, the most important of which are the following:

Please be careful when choosing the domain on which files are most frequently requested.
Register on several sites to download files.
Save space on your phone or computer to download and send files and organise them.
You should also follow the site’s usage policy to avoid breaking the law.

Avoid downloading infringing files, viruses or malware.

Determine the target market and users, and understand what documents are needed to start increasing profits.

How to profit from file uploads

The profitability of file uploads usually depends on three main aspects or, let’s say, three basic elements.

File uploading companies
File uploading companies are large companies that have huge servers to store files. Their work is based on the massiveness of their servers, where they provide a hosting service for files that users download.

In principle, they are a for-profit business, as they do not offer free hosting for files downloaded by users. But they earn from these downloaded files by downloading them from other users who need them.

Visitors who need to download files

The profit of the Internet is fundamentally based on the idea of receiving visitors. Therefore, the element of visitors (users who want to get files) is an essential and very important element of the system’s profitability.

Therefore, as you seek to profit from downloading files, you must focus on how to attract visitors (including choosing files that are in high demand).

We’ll talk about this in detail soon, but for now, let’s clarify the original idea so you can approach it creatively.

Partners benefit from downloading files.


These are the representatives of the category to which you belong, and they are people who seek to benefit from the file repository, according to the companies mentioned

They are smart people who can get more than enough files, and they also can get a large number of visitors (targeted visitors to download the files they have).

It should be noted here that the files can be of any type, such as an image, a video or a text file.

It should be noted here that it is possible to convert any folder (Folder) into a text file through some programs. For this, you can download WinRAR, one of the most popular and simple folder-to-file conversion programs.

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I can upload files to a business awareness archive and benefit from it.
1-You can get adaptable ideas through your personal need. Think about how many times a week or a few days you need to download a particular nation of files and spend a lot of time searching until you find it. This is a good example of what other archives do.

2- Find out about some of the opinions among your family, friends or colleagues, men and women. Ask everyone you know about the idea to get an idea of what other files you can download.

  1. large and popular forums, where tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of Internet users meet to discuss topics that interest them and include the files they need.
  2. Beware these files can be anything like a programme, a book, a UN audio file, a UN video file, a UN programme or anything else.

5-You can search the search engines to get other ideas of files that internet users need.

6-You must be a good follower of everything new in the computer and internet world. For the user to access the thing at the right time, he has needs that vary from time to time.

At the end, good to remember that the main rule here is to get the un file that many users desperately need.

The best sites for downloading files in 2022


This site is one of the most important sites that benefit from downloading files, it offers users the opportunity to get the membership, as they can benefit from the files and share them with their friends, and this site has the following advantages:

The website supports multiple languages, which makes it easy to use for all users around the world.
The site offers a variety of withdrawal methods.
Thus, users can choose the method that suits them best. Easy to use and fast payout.
The minimum withdrawal amount is only $5.


This site is considered a good site that earns money by downloading files. This site has many advantages, which are described below:

The minimum earning for withdrawals from this site is $1.
This site is one of the great security sites that can ensure the safety of users’ transactions without experiencing any case of fraud.
The site offers users more than 20 withdrawal methods, the main one being PayPal.
The site has both free accounts and paid accounts.
Which allows users to earn over $50 in downloads from people using paid accounts.



File Factory is one of the best sites to take advantage of file downloads, and it is one of the oldest of these sites, it is also a site dedicated to downloading external content, and this site has many advantages and can provide users with the following services:

The site pays 40 dollars for every thousand downloads from the United States or Canada.
And 25 dollars for every thousand downloads from Europe.
As the minimum withdrawal amount is very low and only 1 USD, the site supports many ways to earn profit.

upload boy

This is the best website for making money by downloading files. It is a site dedicated to sending large files, as it pays for the size of the file, and has many advantages, as shown below: a secure site. It also supports more than one way to make a profit.

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