HS basketball: Check out the Jaques Classic lists for boys ‘and girls’ matches this week

The high school basketball season 2021-2022 is mostly completed nationally, but of course not on Staten Island.

In this district, the season does not officially end until the Warren Jaques Classic All-Star matches have been played, and that will be the case this week on consecutive days.

The Jaques Classic Boys matches are played at Monsignor Farrell HS on Tuesday. The 8th grade match is scheduled for 6 p.m. 18.00, followed by the high school competition at. 19.30

Then, on Wednesday, the Jaques Classic Girls’ matches will take place at the Moore Catholic HS. The game in 8th grade begins at 5:30 p.m., followed by the meeting with the high school at 7 p.m.

For a look at each of the eight rosters and coaches, scroll down.

And remember, the annual Jaques Award Memorial Dinner takes place on April 29 in LiGreci’s Staaten in West Brighton, beginning at 7 p.m. 19:30. Tickets cost $ 75 for adults and $ 50 for students and can be purchased by contacting Treasurer Bob Newman at 917-566-1755.



South coast

Head coach: Angelo Nasca

Assistant coach: Anthony Sorrentino

Team: Ryan Romain, Jr. (Crossroads), Nicholas DeGrado (OLSS), Nicholas Parlanti (SJSTSJN), Matthew Scalisi (SJSTSJN), Billy Stanton (SJSTSJN), Charles Gambino (Holy Rosary), Alex Modica (Holy Rosary), Daniel Nowak (Holy Rosary), Elijah Pizarro (Holy Rosary), Adam Djonbalic (St. Clare’s), James Gervasi (St. Clare’s), Roman Siniscalchi (St. Clare’s).

North coast

Main advisor: Rich Nellis

Assistant coach: Paul Eisenhardt

Team: Alonzo Archbold (Sacred Heart), Dennis Corson (Sacred Heart), Shane Gordon (Sacred Heart), Talib Martin (Sacred Heart), Daniel Mills (Sacred Heart), Eenej Vinson (Sacred Heart), Luke Devito (St. Patrick’s), Francesco Geremia (St. Patrick’s), Chris Albano (St. Teresa’s), Jimmy Eisenhardt (St. Teresa’s), Darin Humes-James (St. Teresa’s), Curtis Tiu (St. Teresa’s).



South coast

Main advisor: Danny Lee

Assistant coach: Larry Tirone

Team: Joe Abraham (CSIM), Tolu Adeyemi (Curtis), Chris Chu (SIA), Juan Leonardo Cosme (Susan Wagner), Mike Didio (Tottenville), Edin Draga (Moore), Lou Gelormino (Farrell), Matt Hanley (Farrell), Adam Jasaraj (Susan Wagner), Adrian Kopec (Susan Wagner), Cody Lamadieu (Curtis), Justin Nazon (Susan Wagner), John O’Connor (CSIM), Michael Oyekanmi (Curtis), Anthony Vergona (Farrell).

North coast

Main advisor: Charlie Donohue

Assistant coach: Red Tripp

Team: Kendall Arcuri (Sea), Luther Bolden (Port Richmond), Masiah Gilyard (MSIT), Sean Gough (St. Peter’s), Qayyum Gray (Port Richmond), Jon Haynes (Petrides), Iggy Izevbuwa (Port Richmond), Thomas Keane (St. Peter’s), Anthony Kraker (St. Peter’s), Danny Marinaccio (Sea), Angel Mejia (New Dorp), Tynan Murphy (St. Peter’s), Johnny Nisbet (New Dorp), Dorian Paki (Sea), Cincere Smith (MSIT).




South coast

Main advisor: Lauris Murnieks

Assistant coach: Joe Mazzella

Team: Brianna Azzarello (St. Charles), Emma Costanza (St. Clare’s), Madeline Cruz (Holy Child), Lina D’Esposito (SJSTSJN), Giovanna Grima (Holy Child), Araya Lichtman (SJSTSJN), Brooke Molloy (Holy Child) , Gianna Montagna (OLSS), Ella Onesto (OLSS), Alyssa Ragona (OLSS).

North coast

Head Coach: Brandon Eddy

Assistant coach: Terry Laino

Team: Veronica Barbato (Holy Family), Olivia Dimonda (OLQP), Julia Eddy (Blessed Sacrament), Allie Felci (Blessed Sacrament), Mackenzie Felci (Blessed Sacrament), Alexa Hakanson (OLQP), Caroline Kasegrande (OLGC), Ava Manzella (Blessed) Sacrament), Maria O’Connell (the Blessed Sacrament), Ava Rotondi (OLQP).



Hold A

Head coaches: Josh Suslak (Sea) and Gene Henderson (Moore)

Team: Mackenzie Iannici (Sea), Jamie Strahm (Sea), Dominque Cuesta (Moore), Gianna Pica (NDA), Taylor Lictro (NDA), Claire Defranco (NDA), Emily Mahinka (NDA), Julianna Grillo (NDA), Isabella Bagon (CSIM), Isabella Gonzalez (New Dorp), Victoria Kantzian (New Dorp), Kiara Shay (New Dorp), Dior Dorsey (New Dorp).

Hold B

Main advisor: Ron Nathanson (Tottenville)

Team: Alexandra Shaknazarov (MSIT), Andrea D’Apolita (Tottenville), Brianna Cinque (Tottenville), Alexa Zambino (Tottenville), Gules Esposito (Curtis), Margo Salmons (Curtis), Tiana Camara (Curtis), Daliana Mejia (Curtis), Fiorella Guerriero (Curtis), Shanelle Smith (Susan Wagner), Allison Malamud (Susan Wagner), Audrey Bonoan (Susan Wagner), Jocelyn Rios (SIA).

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