Kings of the Ice: Top NHL players this 2022 season

The National Hockey League in the 2022 season is the most anticipated of all fans since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. The NHL is packed with competitive players from 32 teams, and these players have different strategies in the game, from offensive to defensive. The NHL game will last about 98 games, which determines who will be the top team and claims the championship trophy.

This season’s schedule has constantly changed, making players more conditioned to prepare for the next match. The match was divided into divisions that favored the players. With their unique talents, they can stand out from the rest of the teams and become one of the best.

To learn more about these top NHL players, below are some athletes who showed the best performance during the season.

Connor is a well-known professional ice hockey center, and he played with the Edmonton Oilers as captain of the National Hockey League. He mostly played hockey with his father as a coach in his childhood. Since his career started, he has won many awards and he was also named rookie of the year and had a lot of abilities that made him the top player.

Center Connor McDavid (# 97) of the Edmonton Oilers

McDavid plays the game at an unprecedented speed and makes offensive play at full speed. He also posts the stickman with this strategy in stick action, making his team one of the best odds of winning NHL finals. He finished fourth in NHL history due to his points per game. match, which is 1.42 (at least 400 diversions). This season he is making a rate that Wayne Gretzky has only made during 1985-86, which is to split 200 points.

The first overall selected from the 2013 NHL draft was Nathan Mackinnon. The Canadian Professional Ice Hockey Center, and he played with the Colorado Avalanche as captain of the National Hockey League. Like Connor, MacKinnon played hockey in his early years. He resumed his career in his younger years, making him the favorite to be selected in the first overall.

Nathan MacKinnon, Stock Photo by Jack Lima

No one looks more shaken beyond disappointment than Nathan MacKinnon. Still, the 26-year-old Mckinnon has made a dramatic play every game as he earned 1.30 points in every game of the 2017-2018 NHL season. His explosiveness as a skater makes him a competitor. MacKinnon is the engine that has made Avalanche achieve Stanley Container competition status.

Auston Taylor Matthews is a replacement for the Toronto Maple Leafs; he is also a professional hockey center in the National Hockey League. In his childhood, he played baseball and hockey, but what got his interest in hockey where his career continued until he was inducted into the National Hockey League in 2016. Matthews is the first player to score four goals in his debut in the modern NHL- history.


The 24-year-old center required just 338 games to reach the NHL’s career goal, and his points per game are 0.59, which is the seventh most in NHL history. Fans’ most anticipated moment when Matthew’s style of play is his pull-and-drop wrist shot. His expansive frame and playing ability have achieved comparisons with Mario Lemieux.

The Finnish famous professional ice hockey center and Florida Panthers captain in the National Hockey League is Aleksandrovich Barkov. He was drafted in 2013 in the NHL Entry Draft. Alexander is the son of Russian former hockey player Alexander Barkov Sr. Aleksander is known as the best defender in hockey, and he received a reward in 2021.

Center Aleksander Barkov (# 16) of the Florida Panthers

He was delegated the league’s best defensive striker when he won last season’s Selke Trophy. He is an overwhelmingly hostile player and he earned 222 points in his 2014 matches. Thus, the 26-year-old can be the league’s most well-rounded center. Aleksander was the youngest player to score a goal in 2013, and at the time, he was only 18 years old. In addition, he was one of the players in the NHL All-Star Game throughout his career, which was a big thing.

Cale Makar is a professional ice hockey player with the role of defender for the Colorado Avalanche in the NHL. In the year 2017, he was drafted by the Colorado Avalanche. Also in 2019-2020, Makar was recognized when he achieved the Calder Trophy with his remarkable achievement. The Western Hockey League originally drew Makar in his junior year.

Cale Makar # 8 in Colorado Avalanche

Makar’s coach said it was impossible to play defense against him. As a 22-year-old, Makar scored 98 points in his first 107 NHL games. His gameplay is comparable to Erik Karlsson due to his offensive power during his play. Makar’s offensive skill landed him in the top five of the players, but his defensive skill is still polished, but that did not stop him in his 24th goal of the 2021-22 season.

The NHL Top players found their interest in hockey in their early years, which they practiced for many years to have good hockey skills. They went through a lot to land in the NHL and become the top players of the season. But the players have one thing in common: their strong will and motivation to be exceptional players and play the game they enjoy.

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