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NEW MARKET – Charlotte Miller has been all over the Mountain View girls’ tennis range throughout her career, but now she feels at home.

The senior is playing in No. 3 singles this year, after playing No. 1 last season, and she’s fine with that.

“Playing as No. 1 last year helped me realize that there are people better than me,” Miller said. “And I think people deserve their seats the way they are. I definitely think it boosts my confidence a little bit to be able to feel that I’m better suited to the position I’m in. I feel me not so overwhelmed. time. “

Miller said she started playing tennis when she was in middle school. It is a sport that has been great in her family for years. She said her mother played when she went to high school, and Charlotte’s big sister, Sarah, played for the generals.

Charlotte Miller said the best part about playing tennis is being with the team.

“I think I really enjoy being with my teammates,” Miller said. “I do not know if I would enjoy it very much alone. I enjoy being with my teammates and being able to play with them.”

That’s part of the reason Miller’s favorite part of the game is playing doubles. She is playing this season with sophomore Ava Pittington at No. 2 doubles, and they are doing well.

“I think the double is what I enjoy the most,” Miller said. “It’s nice to get to play with my teammates and just get to encourage each other and talk to each other, get someone else’s feedback during the game.”

Miller played No. 5 singles in his freshman season and helped the Generals to the Class 1 Region 1B quarterfinals.

She told that she had played some show matches as eighth grade, which helped her as new.

“My first year, I played some of my eighth-grade years, so I didn’t feel completely lost on getting in,” Miller said. “I was familiar with the coach and a lot of the players, so it felt very comfortable to go in and I felt confident.”

The following year, everything was wiped out due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With many players away from the team her first year, Miller found herself in No. 1 single position last year with a new coach, Isaac Brunk, taking over her second season.

Brunk said Miller was a big help to him as he made the transition to coaching the team.

“She’s such a strong team leader that the girls really look up to her,” Brunk said. “When I took over the program three years ago, she actually showed me in a way what the traditions were, what the teams were because I was brand new to tennis. So in a way, she really helped ease my transition to it.”

Miller said playing the No. 1 single was a tough challenge last year, but she thinks it helped her in many ways.

“It was so hard having to play my freshman year on a femseed and then play my junior year jumping to a No. 1 seed,” Miller said. “I think it was really hard for me, but I adapted to it. And I think it really helped me improve my skills. … It was definitely a challenge. I think that some of my self-esteem suffered a bit from it. But from the mid-season to the end of the season, I started to learn how to handle it better. And to learn that there are always people who are better than you, and to play people, who is better than you, just makes you better. “

Brunk said playing against top players from other teams helped Miller learn to win.

“Last year, she learned to win, especially by playing in first place last year,” Brunk said. “She got to play in a lot higher competition and learned to win. Believing she could win was the key at the end of the season – she did. … Now, this season, it has paid off, and she’s just really racked up with the victories. “

The Generals have had a strong start to the season with a record of 3-1. Junior Mya Councill and Pittington have been back and forth in first place most of the season, leading a strong Generals squad.

Miller said she’s fine with this year’s team.

“I feel really safe with us,” Miller said. “I feel like our team is the strongest it’s ever been. And I’m pretty good that it’s my senior year and I’m happy with how I think our team is going to fare after me and some of the other seniors leaving this year. I think the team will still be very successful. “

The generals play at Central today in a big Bull Run District showdown.

Miller said it has been bittersweet and emotional to be a senior, but she’s excited to see how the rest of the year goes.

She said she is also trying to be the leader of the team.

“As the person who has played the longest, I definitely feel like a leader,” Miller said. “Even though I’m not on top, I still feel like I want to be someone they can look up to and someone they can talk to.”


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