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Modern False Ceiling Design For Living Room

In past, The living room’s stretched ceilings were made of stretched canvas, which eventually wore out and had to be replaced with new canvas. In the future, the canvas will be impregnated with chalk or paint. This method gives density to the material, but it is still ephemeral. Over time, other raw materials began to be used for finishing, and stretch ceilings lost their former demand.

In last years, Stretch ceilings were created again, but from a durable plastic film. Modern technologies have come a long way. Today it is possible to create a ceiling in any shade or color combination. It is possible to combine PVC film with plasterboard structures.

False ceiling foyer design: Modern design with the best examples

Stretch ceilings in the living room: modern design with the best examples
A stretch ceiling is a one-piece ceiling construction, which is attached by means of a metal or plastic profile around the perimeter of the ceiling. The different types of cladding materials.

PVC film.
synthetic textile.

The texture of the material allows the streams to be divided into the following types:

Glossy. The surface of the mirror helps to elongate the room, making it visually more spacious and bright. Glossy materials will reflect the pipes, cornices, which is not very visible. You can mount a plasterboard structure around the perimeter of the room, which will prevent the appearance of an unnecessary effect.

Matt. The surface of the material looks like painted plaster, there is no reflection or refraction of light on it. The adhesion of these canvases makes the seams invisible.

Check this Amazing False ceiling design for living room: Satin. The soft pearlescent material will fill the room with a soft glow.

The most difficult thing when designing a ceiling is to choose a suitable design from a variety of options.

When designing a stretch ceiling in the living room, it is important to take into account:

Of course, all this must be compared with the price. If you have the skills, Then you can do the installation yourself – Then spend only on the material for false ceiling design for living room.

If it is not possible to do the installation yourself for some reason, Then you need to add the cost of installation work to the cost of materials, and then the price / quality depends on the master.

Even a non-standard combination of fabric and drywall in a small living room can be quite harmonious.

Thanks to the original design of the ceiling, it is possible to assign or divide zones in the room. It is interesting to carry out additional zoning with spotlights or track lights.

This option is suitable for the design of a modern bedroom-living room.

A wide variety of colors and textures of the fabric allows you to choose a ceiling design for living rooms decorated in different stylistic directions.

False ceiling design for living room: In the style of minimalism

Minimalism is characterized by a large amount of free space, strict lines in the interior, the use of only the most necessary furniture and decorative elements. The design of the ceiling should be simple, without complicated patterns, bright colors and pompous lamps.

Minimalism is characterized by a large amount of free space, strict lines in the interior, the use of only the most necessary furniture and decorative elements. The design of the ceiling should be simple, without complex wall constructions, bright colors and pompous lamps, of walls, bright colors and pompous lamps.

A solid white matte canvas is preferable to others to emphasize the beauty and elegance of the direction of the style.

A beige or light gray canvas can also be used for the minimalist style.
A simple lamp in such a room will complement a neat and discreet interior.

Advantages and disadvantages of suspended ceilings

Before proceeding to the selection of an appropriate model, it is necessary to study the characteristics of the material, possible negative and positive aspects of the use of stretch ceilings.

Stretch ceilings are popular because in a few hours and with relatively little money, the customer gets an excellent ceiling design in a residential area.

Benefits of stretch ceilings:

Disadvantages of stretch ceilings:


The variety of shades and colors of stretch ceilings can create an original interior design. It is important to choose a stretch ceiling that matches the style and tone of the main design of the living room.

Nowadays, many people want to save money. It is worth ordering the installation of stretch ceilings only from reliable organizations that work officially. If necessary, you will be able to make claims, eliminate defects. Large companies offer a warranty service. The services of dubious organizations can be dangerous.

Stretch ceiling is a stylish, modern and original ceiling design. Thanks to compliance with operating standards and timely maintenance, the material will last for many years, ensuring the safety of the ceiling in its original form.

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