Solens Arizin: Villanova Basketball’s involvement in the transfer portal

Good Friday Nova Nation! There are usually two big story lines immediately after any college basketball season, and they both focus on who is going where. First is the coaching carousel, and Villanova has been so lucky that for the past many seasons, it has only meant waiting to find out which Jay Wright assistant should get their chance to lead another program. The second is a combination of the benefits and the portal.

For a long time, while transfers were taking place, the majority of the player movement came down to who would take early to play professionally. But now that players can transfer and play right away, combined with not having to leave college to make money thanks to NIL, the transfer portal has become almost as important as recruitment.

For Villanova, there are many rumors surrounding who will be, who will be, and who may be coming. So today we need to break down what we expect to see and the likelihood of player movement. Let’s start with what we know.

Who is definitely leaving?

In terms of ending their playing careers, Collin Gillespie, Jermaine Samuels and Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree have exhausted their eligibility (unless DCR applied for one with a red shirt on the down jacket for the 2021 season, but given his physical limitations he probably did) . Gillespie and Samuels are likely on their way to professional basketball careers. DCR, on the other hand, had a cryptic message recently that may indicate he is back on the sidelines with Nova next year. Maybe as a Grad Assistant? We have to wait and find out.

Who will be completely clear?

Right now, there’s only one player that I can say with absolute certainty stays with Villanova, and that’s Justin Moore. He will be retraining all summer and we will all be hungry for schedules and updates. But given that he hopefully still has a long basketball career ahead of him, I see no reason for Villanova to try to rush him back. For now, the safe assumption is that he will take a medical red jersey for the 2023 season as he recovers from a torn Achilles tendon.

The big effect of it, though, is that it frees up extra minutes for next year. Villanova will be without its top three scorers, who also had an average of almost 100 minutes per game. match. It’s a TON of possibilities. To put it in perspective, Villanova has not seen the level of opportunities open up in the starting lineup since the national championship in 2018. So with so many options available, there is an incentive for players who have been waiting for their opportunity.

Which dominoes fall first?

The first two big decisions I expect are from Caleb Daniels and Brandon Slater. The pair of seniors still have their COVID eligibility years left and they need to decide whether to go professional or return for a run more. All signs seem to point to a return for both, although nothing has been officially announced. There are still plenty of positive signs to be found on social media.

Could others decide to leave?

If you want to believe in Debbie Downers online, you might think it’s inevitable that there WILL be a player switching from Villanova this season. I’m not saying it will not happen. Players have more information at their disposal today than ever before and can make their own informed decisions. But what I think many of these people who claim someone will transfer do is take their own thoughts on how someone should or would react and project it onto these players.

There was so much talk about guys not getting enough playing time or frustrations over coaching decisions coming from the fan base, not from the players. Then the same fans say that it must have been such a bad / disappointing experience for the player that they have to look forward to moving on to something else.

In fact, we do not know what other factors played a role in player utilization this season. Interviews with coaches and players have indicated that there were plenty of setbacks and injuries this year to key reserves that could have slowed or reduced their progress. But the fact remains that there will be a TON of opportunities this season, and Jay trusts the guys who have put in the work. There are many players who may not have broken the rotation this season, but they have put in the work and have built trust in the staff. If I had to put money on someone leaving, versus no one going, my money is on no one.

Who could be on the list?

We already know the three upcoming beginners: Cam Whitmore, Mark Armstron and Brendan Hausen. This is a VERY talented group that will be in the mix for playing time right away if they show up with the right mentality and physically ready for college level.

But perhaps the biggest story for Villanova since the Final Four is that staff have been very active in talking to point guards on the transfer portal. The two names that have had the most buzz around them are Courtney Ramey of Texas and Jaelin Llewellyn of Princeton.

Ramey was a former Villanova recruit as a class member in 2018. He has played four seasons in Texas and has one year left of eligibility. In 2022, he averaged 9.4 points, 1.6 assists, 3.5 rebounds and 1 steal per game.

Llewellyn also gets interest from a number of big name programs, but opportunity, recent success and location may place Villanova at the top of the list if they decide to extend an offer.

Whether Villanova takes on a transfer at PG or not, fans will go into next season without knowing who will step into that role. It is unknown territory as it has not happened since Ryan Arcidiacono’s first season in 2012-13. It was going to be a VERY interesting summer!

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