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For a week or so, the University of Richmond’s Will Gipe was in the Atlantic 10 Conferences record book.

The wise native and graduate of the now defunct JJ Kelly High School was the youngest assistant coach at the conference.

“It’s funny. I was the youngest assistant for about a week before Frank Martin was hired by UMass and immediately hired someone from his staff in South Carolina who is younger than myself,” Gipe said.

So he is now the second youngest assistant coach in the A-10.

“It’s a very humiliating thing to have happened. That coach (Chris) Mooney has the confidence and loyalty to me that he has, you just do not find in many programs in college basketball.

“I will be eternally grateful for how the coach and his wife, Lia, have taken care of myself and Amber.

“It’s also just a result of our players’ hard work and performance. The way Jacob Gilyard, Tyler Burton, Grant Golden and the entire team played during the off-season makes things like this possible. I will forever be grateful to these players and their families for their commitment to Richmond and our program. “

Gipe has been a member of the Richmond staff for the past six seasons, and originally joined the program as a video coordinator in 2016.

He was promoted to Director of Program Development in 2019 and added Director of Recruitment Responsibility in 2021.

According to a media release from Richmond, Gipe will continue to lead the team’s non-conference planning process in addition to focusing on recruiting, scouting and player development.

He came to Richmond after five years at Virginia Tech, three as a student leader and two as a graduate assistant.

Gipe is also in JJ Kelly’s history books.

He was a member of the Indian baseball team that lost the 2011 VHSL Group A state championship to Honaker. The team was the last athletic team to play under the JJ Kelly banner. The school consolidated with Pound in the fall of 2011 to form Wise Central.

Gipe also played tennis and basketball with Kelly. Ironically, he says basketball was his worst sport, but he fell in love with the game.

That passion kept him in the sports world at Virginia Tech.

“I was confident I was not a Division I athlete, but I wanted to stay involved in sports,” Gipe said.

During Gipe’s junior year of high school, Kelly baseball coach Chad Longworth took the team to a Virginia Tech competition.

Longworth’s sister Alicia worked in the sports marketing department at Tech.

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“She suggested I become the student leader of the team if I came to Tech, and that’s how I got started with the basketball team there,” Gipe recalled. “When I started college, I thought I wanted to be a high school teacher and coach. But pretty soon after being part of the team as a student leader, I fell in love with the college game. I loved the commitment of everyone in the program, the level of play. , the recruitment process, the whole thing. “


As director of recruitment last season, Gipe went to the NCAA Tournament with Richmond, an experience he will remember for a while.

“The NCAA tournament was by far the coolest experience I’ve had working in college athletics,” he said. “It was everything I could have dreamed of and more.

“It was even better that my mom, dad and uncle were able to take the trip to Buffalo and witness the victory in the first round against Iowa.

“The NCAA Tournament is such a unique event in how they take care of your team logistically, the environment in the arena, the level of competition, everything about it is just different from the rest of the season.”


Athletics is nothing new for his family. Neither does Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

Gipe’s parents, uncle and both parents’ grandparents graduated from Dobyns-Bennett.

His grandfather, Bob Gipe, was an all-state basketball player in DB before playing four years in Tennessee.

Gipe’s younger sister, Laura, was an all-star athlete at JJ Kelly and Wise Central. And his wife, Amber Dougherty Gipe, was a member of the Gate City 2004 and 2005 state championships in volleyball teams.


Wise Central’s Olivia Webb is in the Lady Warriors’ football record book.

Webb scored six goals last week in the Central’s 9-1 win over Lee High. The goals gave Webb, a junior, a school record of 39 goals in his career.


The Twin Springs and Rye Cove baseball teams play Friday at the Scott County Sports Complex in Gate City.

The match is scheduled to start at 6 p.m.


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