The ‘Hoops for the Ages’ tournament proves that seniors take their basketball seriously

Logan Family Gymnasium at the Robert Crown Center served as the setting for the Hoops for the Ages three-on-three basketball tournament for players 40 years and older on April 9 (photo by Heidi Randhava) Credit: Photo by Heidi Randhava

In good time before the start time for the Hoops for the Ages basketball tournament at 9, Logan Family Gymnasium at the Robert Crown Community Center buzzed with pre-match activity.

Volunteers checked participants in, fans sat in the seats, and the players warmed up – practiced shooting and dribbling techniques.

“Courts one and two are aged 40 to 49,” said organizer Rob Bady. “Straight three and four are 50 and up. We have a total of 12 teams. They have to play round robin, and then we have to get into what we call pool games about the championship.”

The three-on-three basketball tournament for seniors was held on Saturday, April 9, and it’s the kind of event that Bady hopes will become an Evanston tradition.

More than 90 male and female players participated in the free full-day tournament hosted by the City of Evanston and the Levy Senior Center Foundation.

The women’s tournament was held at Levy Senior Center, 300 Dodge Ave., and the men’s tournament took place at Robert Crown Community Center, 1801 Main Street.

Bady said in an interview with RoundTable that unlike many senior basketball tournaments that allow players 50 and older, Hoops for the Ages was open to players 40 and older “because we want to introduce them to playing basketball for life. “

Bady looks forward to expanding his participation in Hoops for the Ages, including teams from Evanston Fire and Police departments, “supporting the ability to stay active and age successfully. It affects not only you, but your loved ones and people around you, ”he said.

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