The singles comeback lifts men’s tennis over Indiana, 4-3

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Penn State men’s tennis team (10-9, 2-2 B1G) won 4-3 over the Indiana Hoosiers (5-11, 0-2 B1G) on Sunday afternoon despite an early double loss. By winning four singles courses, the Nittany Lions won their second conference victory.

“I want to start by congratulating Indiana on such a well-played college tennis game,” the head coach said Jeff Zinn. “This is what college tennis is all about. Teams cheering on each other, back and forth, ebb and flow, momentum changed for every point. We’ve talked about how to be a good team; you have to win on the road in the Big Ten.This was a start.We won two big games away from home and that’s the kind of momentum we need for the rest of the Big Ten season. Ismail Saadi, who has not played in two years, had an incredible weekend. It’s hard to be put in such a situation, but I’m so proud of him. I would also like to point out Charl Morgan, which has stood a lot in this situation this year. He has worked so hard to finish the match for his team, and today he did. It was an incredible match and he represented himself, the team and the university really well today. This was Miko Ealas first time he played No. 1 and he did an excellent job over the weekend. Sam Bossem, who has the most wins on our team, has a great year. We just have to keep the momentum going. ”

“We’ve always had a hard time playing Indiana away, so this was a great win away,” said the assistant head coach Paul Tobin. “In doubles, the conditions changed and the boys played against heavier victories. We came down fast and never had any momentum. The boys rose up in the single and secured four points, where Charl gave us another clinch in a close tiebreak. All in all, a fantastic weekend on the go. ”


Indiana secured the double point with victories on lanes one and three.

Partners Alexander Karman and Sam Bossem fell to Michael Andre and Luca Vukovic 6-1 on lane three. Hoosiers’ Patrick Fletchall and Ilya Tiraspolsky won 6-3. Malik Bhatnagar and Charl Morgan.

At No. 2, Miko Eala and Bora Sengul was down 5-4 against Carson Haskins and Jagger Saylor as Indiana earned the first point of the doubles match.


The Nittany Lions fought back in singles to cope with the fight against Big Ten opponent Indiana.

As No. 1, Eala earned an easy victory over Haskins in a straight set 6-1, 7-5. Bossem followed up with a 6-1, 7-6 victory over Indiana’s Andre. Ismail Saadi won its second win in a row at No. 6 against Jagger Saylor in a 6-7, 6-0, 6-1 decision. Hoosiers earned one point left at No. 3 to level the match at three.

In a hard-fought competition that came down to a third set of tiebreaker, Morgan beat Indiana’s Tiraspolsky 6-2, 4-6, 7-6 to secure victory for the Nittany Lions. This was his second direct clinch for Penn State after ending the match against Purdue in the same way.

Penn State’s conference record improved to 2-2.


Penn State 4, Indiana 3

Doubles results

  1. Patrick Fletchall / Ilya Tiraspolsky (IND) def. Malik Bhatnagar/Charl Morgan (PSU) 6-4

  1. Miko Eala/Bora Sengul (PSU) vs. Carson Haskins / Jagger Saylor (IND) 4-5, unfinished

  1. Michael Andre / Luca Vukovic (IND) def. Alexander Karman/Sam Bossem (PSU) 6-1

Finishing order: 3, 1

Single results

  1. Miko Eala (PSU) def. Carson Haskins (IND) 6-1, 7-5

  1. Patrick Fletchall (IND) def. Malik Bhatnagar (PSU) 7-5, 6-4

  1. Luca Vukovic (IND) def. Bora Sengul 4-6, 7-5, 6-3

  1. Charl Morgan (PSU) def. Ilya Tiraspolsky (IND) 6-2, 4-6, 7-6

  1. Sam Bossem (PSU) def. Michael Andre (IND) 6-1, 7-6

  1. Ismail Saadi (PSU) def. Jagger Saylor (IND) 6-7, 6-0, 6-1

Sequence of finish: 2, 1, 5, 6, 3, 4


Penn State returns to University Park to host the No. 2 Ohio State Buckeyes on Saturday, April 9 at 12.00 ET.

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