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GRAND FORKS – When Tom Boysen interviewed for UND’s tennis coach job, he had an assessment of the women’s program.

“The team was already on its way up,” Boysen said.

For that, Boysen credited the small senior class that was honored at Choice Health and Fitness on Saturday afternoon.

One was Elizabeth Ihrke, who only played sparingly during her four-year career, but “if you listed 10 different ways someone can add value, whether they are in the ranks or not, Elizabeth gets 10 out of 10, said Boysen.

The other was Allie Ochotorena, who served as team captain in back-to-back years, holding down No. 2 doubles and No. 3 singles this season.

“She was part of the recruiting class that started the ball,” Boysen said. “The best compliment I can give her is that she left the program better than when she came here. It’s the kind of legacy you want to leave behind. So I think she should keep her head pretty high.”

Their final season does not include a trip to the Summit League tournament where only the top four reach it.

The Fighting Hawks lost an unmanageable Saturday game against Omaha 4-3, settling for last place in the league semifinals.

“That is why one chooses to practice university sports,” Boysen said. “It was a great college tennis match, and in order not to give Omaha credit, it would be a disservice. They played well. Just as well as we did, starting singles and getting five first sets, they influenced the match with the same thing about getting back in almost all of them. The second set swung in their favor. Then it just became an air battle. “

UND, who fell to 3-3 in league play, will end the season next Saturday at St. Thomas.

Fighting Hawks are set to be good the next few years.

No. 1 single player Sapir Sela is a sophomore. No. 2 Andrea Jansson is a junior. Nr. 4 and 5, Nore Heinitz and Lucia Rizza, are freshly baked. Nr. 6 and 7, Angela Georgieva and Charlotte Bowles, are juniors.

“The wheels are already running,” Boysen said. “We are already thinking about what we need to add and what we need to adjust. We do not want to stand still. We want to use what happened here to learn from what we can get better at, but also to take advantage of it. , we are already good at. “

Fighting Hawks will say goodbye to Ochotorena, who won 50 games during his career.

Ochotorena from Albuquerque, NM, landed in the Grand Forks thanks to a family connection with Dave Geatz, a Grand Forks native and longtime coach from the University of Minnesota.

“She sets the bar pretty high in terms of intensity and competition,” Boysen said. “I do not think it matters to her whether she is 1 percent or 99 percent involved in a team win. She will put it forward.

“The word ‘replace’ is common – she’s out and a recruit comes in – but I feel you can not replace what Allie comes in. The best I can hope for is to get someone we can mold in. “You just do not replace what she comes with by bringing in a new one. She will be missed.”

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