LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va., March 10, 2022 / PRNewswire / – United States Tennis Association Mid-Atlantic Section (USTA MAS) today announced plans to build a state-of-the-art 36-course tennis campus in Loudoun County, Va., which creates a unique hub for year-round health and well-being through tennis. As planned, the USTA MAS Tennis Campus will host tennis events at the local, regional, and national levels and offer daily tennis programming, enabling the nonprofit to service the mission of cultivating the sport and achieving their vision for tennis in all Mid-Atlantic communities. territory.

Tennis continues to experience great interest and growth, with USTA Mid-Atlantic leading the way in introducing the sport to more people and strengthening a strong tennis community. In the Mid-Atlantic region, 1.3 million people report playing tennis, the third highest turnout per capita. population of the country1. The region has also experienced strong continuous annual growth in tennis participants over the past five years. The USTA Mid-Atlantic Tennis Campus will harness the energy surrounding the sport and pave the way for more people, the new and experienced players, to easily access tennis and have the opportunity to benefit socially, emotionally and physically from the sport.

“We have a tremendous opportunity to use tennis as a way to bring about meaningful change among individuals and communities and introduce the sport to so many more people,” he said. Tara Fitzpatrick-Navarro, CEO of USTA Mid-Atlantic. “Our community-first approach with our pursuit of the tennis campus will allow us to build something that will be transformative and unsurpassed in its ability to elevate and enhance life, society and the entire Mid-Atlantic region.”

The plans for the USTA MAS tennis campus include 20 outdoor tennis courts, 16 indoor tennis courts, 8 pickleball / youth courts and more than 190,000 square feet of tennis infrastructure that is ample for daily tennis programs and fighting games, USTA leagues, events and community initiatives. USTA MAS intends to offer a robust range of daily tennis activities and classes, wheelchair and adaptive programs, enrichment programs and community events for players and fans of all levels and abilities. Once built, the organization plans to house its operations and headquarters on campus.

Particularly fundamental to the vision of the campus is to activate tennis in a way that promotes community, creates character, and increases well-being among all who visit campus and in the surrounding communities. Holistic outreach and education programs will reach out to the community to support young people with a lack of resources through tennis and education programs, and tennis programs integrated into schools as a way to provide access to a new sport they would not otherwise be exposed to. The campus will also serve as a learning center where tennis providers, coaches, teachers and grassroots organizers can gain the latest knowledge and best practices for the sport.

“The new campus will bring people from different walks of life together and serve as a central part of the Mid-Atlantic community that meets their social and emotional needs, promises and improves the lives of all who visit,” he said. Beth Twomey, Chief Operating Officer for USTA Mid-Atlantic. “It will be a hub for learning, teaching and growth that strengthens beyond its walls to the wider community and the Mid-Atlantic region.”

In addition to community-based tennis and outreach programs, USTA MAS expects the tennis campus to be a top venue for regional, national, and international tennis events that will engage fans and players from across the country and beyond. The organization estimates to host more than 50 annual tennis events and projects more than 78,000 event attendees. Along with daily tennis programs, tournaments and community events, the campus is estimated to contribute $ 8.5 million in economic impact annually.

USTA MAS plans to build a tennis campus prominent in the heart of Loudoun County, Va. The project will cost approx $ 42 million and has an expected grand opening in 2025. USTA MAS Tennis Campus is the anchor element of a planned community with a diverse array of websites and community facilities.

USTA Mid-Atlantic worked with Loudoun County Board of Supervisors and Loudoun County Economic Development to select the location, which is 33 miles northwest of Washington DC

“We are pleased that the USTA Mid-Atlantic has chosen Loudoun County for their new headquarters and facility. This project will provide a place where the next generation of players can learn perseverance, integrity and fair play, “said Loudoun Chair-at-large Phyllis Randall. “The pandemic has shown us how important it is for all our residents to have access to open spaces and opportunities for outdoor recreation. This project will provide both outdoor and indoor courts, which will provide a wonderful place for our citizens to get exercise and have fun for sure. “

USTA MAS has accepted one $ 250,000 Loudoun County Business Incentive from Loudoun Economic Development for the Tennis Campus Project.

“USTA Mid-Atlantic headquarters and facility add another dimension to the various recreational opportunities and sports assets in our county,” said Loudoun Economic Development Executive Director Buddy Rizer“We’ve been working with the USTA MAS team for years to bring this concept to life, and today every step of that journey was rewarded with an amazing project that all Loudouners can be proud of.”

That Loudoun County The Supervisory Board and the Authority for Economic Development will have a public vote on the final approval of the incentive package during March 15, 2022 Board meeting. The buildings are subject to legislative measures on a pending application for re-regulation.

Following the meeting, USTA Mid-Atlantic will conduct a capital campaign to secure funding to make the campus plan a reality. USTA MAS will seek additional partners, business entities, and individuals tailored to the mission and common values ​​for tax-deductible contributions and grants to support the financing of project costs.

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About USTA Mid-Atlantic

The USTA Mid-Atlantic Section, is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization committed to promoting tennis and its physical, social, and emotional health benefits. Our mission is to promote and develop the growth of tennis. Our vision is tennis in EVERY community. USTA Mid-Atlantic has a far-reaching effect. We run leagues, tournaments, and other programs and events throughout the region for nearly 28,000 adult and young members in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia, and eastern and southern West Virginia. We support the local providers, facilities and coaches who directly deliver the sport. The many health and social benefits of tennis have made it more popular than ever, and USTA Mid-Atlantic programs and outreach are rising to meet this demand. USTA Mid-Atlantic has been part of the official governing body for tennis in America since 1923. Follow USTA Mid-Atlantic on Facebook (@ustamas), Twitter (@USTAMidAtlantic) and Instagram (@ustamas) for all the latest tennis information in the Mid-Atlantic.

  1. “2022 Tennis Participation Summary Report,” Tennis Industry Association, March 2022.

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