Vero Beach tennis players against USTA-SL agree to manage courts

Tom Leonard (left) and Tony Coscia, both seasonal residents of Vero Beach, take a break between games while playing at the Riverside Park Tennis Complex on Thursday, March 17, 2022 in Vero Beach.  The city was contacted by the USTA-FL to enter into a three-year contractual agreement in which the non-profit organization administers the courts, saving the city about $ 55,000 annually, mainly in labor costs. "We are not quite sure what to make of the offer," said Coscia, who plays with Leonard five to seven times a week at the courts. "You need to be vigilant about any business that comes in and takes over."

VERO BEACH – Players at the Riverside Park Tennis Complex are not crazy about having their courts administered by the United States Tennis Association branch in Florida. And they let the town hall know about it.

The non-profit organization has offered a three-year management agreement with the city,

Vero Beach was contacted by USTA-FL to enter into the contractual agreement where the group administers the courts, saving the city about $ 55,000 annually, mostly in salaries, according to City Manager Monte Falls. Annual pass fees, currently $ 250 for individual city residents, will be paid directly to USTA-FL.

The organization was also able to undertake maintenance on the facility, including court rebuilding and other improvements.

“We are trying to find ways to increase property utilization with other utility programs,” Falls told the council Tuesday. “We were contacted by the USTA. They’re promoting the game of tennis; this was their Florida branch, so Florida is their area where they work.”

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